Monday, June 11, 2007

saturday, 09.06.07

on friday afternoon... baked the sweetest bars ever!!! cuz of the darn thick caramel i put in between waa plus there was lots of chocolate chips... soo caramel+chocolate chips= very sweet!!!! gosh.. after eating like two bars.. i felt soo sick!! ughh... but it tastes good~~ but luckily my bro is my loyal supporter!! he ate most of them...^_^ and yeaah... a pic of his hand with his new phone...~~ nice~~~

vandalism around my sis workplace!!! huhu

another one!!! but its not that bad laa... not too 'over'... i support!!! =P eeeps!

notices on walls about houses/rooms for rent!!!

on saturday... went up to bandar with my mom and sis.... so my sis went to work in kiulap.. leaving me and mama go jalan kaki around the area... went to buy something from the bakery and ate at thien thien... since it was still so early and hua ho wasnt open yet.. we went to walk around the smaller shops...~~ nicela~~ holding hands with mama while crossing roads!!! haha im such a kid~~ but i love that feeling.. feeling so safe!! huhu... then eventually we walked from hua o area to seri q-lap.... spent time til noon til my sis abis her work~~ then went to yayasan did some grocery shopping....

after that.. went to have lunch at sushi tei~~ my first time there... my first impression-> whoooaaa sooo big the place!! 2 storey again!! kb escapade ahh soo tiny!! wahahhaa....~~ then in the second pic it was taken in the toilet... huhu what a 'view'..?? ^_^"

the environment is nice la... most of the people there are like pinoys~~~ huhu... and the sushis are kind of cheaper!! compared to escapade..~~ but taste like is average la.. okok~~.. the last pic... i looked surprised?? hwahwahwaaaa~~

the set lunches are cheap and delicious and loootsss!!!!!! $9.90!!!! consisted of rice, soup, salad, fruits, baby octopus, fried sui gao and the main dish... sis was chicken something and mine is salmon...~~~ tastes good!!! but a lil too salty..specially the salad...~~ huhu... we stayed there for around an hour...~~ and they were closing!!! but we were still there enjoying our time..!! haha.. they even shut the air-con and the music and the rotating thingy stopped rotating too!!! blleeeehh~~ but nice laa... next time i go there i would love to order the set lunches... wahahaha~

after that went to the mall and see see look look then go buy seafood in pasar gadong.... then to hua ho at bunut... bought dq ice cream... banana pudding blizzard!!! but i was hoping they would put more bananas!!! ^_^ then we balik!!!!

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