Tuesday, June 19, 2007

the past few days~~

one thing about me-> i love to blame other things for my laziness... for example.... my hp is not with me.. so i cant take much pics thus malas to update my blog!!!!!!! wahhahaaa so now gave me an opportunity to summarise what i have been doing~~~

last wednesday, around 3 something... joanna picked me up using her manual prado car!! (am impressed by her driving skills ^_^) and went to ogdc and ate there as usual with wanilina... since the sun that day was unforgiving... we had to stay in the playground.. doing nothing~~ just fooling around.... as in taking pics and leena just had to spoil each and every pics!! sasatz that girl! then went to the beach walking along the shore~~~ there were lotsa shells and starfishes in the sand...and the water is err icky as usual~~ ohhh on the way back... we saw some coconut shells and we started singing about it in the 'santa claus is coming to town' tune! and joanna and leena started talking in indon accent and totally cracked up!! whahaha... then siew chee and sinn yee were there!!! they said we looked like crazy mabuk ppl hanging around~~ huhuu maybe its true?? bleeh... then joanna sent me back~~~
the 'succesful' pic!! cuz the last few pics... leena was really fooling around that she spoil the pics!!!!huhu

in d beeach!! goshh our hips looked soo big!! from left to right-> joanna, leena, wani, lck~

then on saturday around noon...met up with azura in ideal, ogdc!!!!!! (yes.. its ogdc again.... T_T what? that's the only open air hang out place for ppl in seria!!! ^_^) gooooosh!!!! i mish mish mish so really mish that girl!!!!! but otw saw lysa's family~~ wahahha lysa's papa was like... quick! azura is there!! hahahaha then i couldn't find azura~~ when suddenly she was hiding herself behind her laptop in one corner of the aircon room of ideal~ goshh!!!! we huggie and were loud...~~ dun care!!!... then it was drizzling outside and still we went for a romantic walk in the park... ^_^ then wanted to meet giegel's mama.... but unfortunately she wasnt home!! then to sas!! but they were renovating the roofs and somehow the teachers werent around... soooo we left without able to meet any of the teachers!!! sighh... next we went to seria plaza lepak around~~ then went back to ogdc cuz azura's mama waiting there~~ and ate more... cuz auntie bought us some food too!!! haiyoooo our 'second lunch' huhuhu.... then she had to go with her mama liaw... short hangout but able to talk about some stuffs.... so worth it!!! ^_^

moments with azura in ogdc and sas~~~ using my buruk old digi cam~~~ huhuu

then the next morning.. woke up early to go bandar to attend this function... and goooshh.. its been a very long time i didnt go hashing or exercising.. and this!!! well its ok actually....~~ only thing my muscles ache badly~~ but still good... miss this 'nyaman' feeling...~~ wahhaha ah wellz... went for the long trail.. but it took only 40 min... not bad... not bad for me!! wahhahaa.. syok when overtake the ppl in some part of the trail...~ ehhh still havent lost some of my hashing skill~~ whahahaa(bragging lotss~) ah wellz... the scorching sun!!!! i am soooo sun tanned!!! hmmm nothing much la... went to tutong for awhile in the afternoon after that...balik liaw... and my parents went for labi hash again!! me just retire at home saja..... dont care liaw.... and yeaaa my sis came back from spore... she didn buy much~ cuz newbie in spore waa... so duno what to get from there huhu.. but she got us perfumes tho... but.. but... i dont use perfume~~ whahahaha

haah!!! me is red face!!!! hahahah apalerr~~~

chinese newspaper on monday~ got my darn face there with my family!!! wahahha... awful look!!!

and yeaa another thing about me.... i tend not to open up that much.... well not that i wanted to keep them all by myself but.... i need the right timing with the right mood to talk about it...~~ hahaha sometimes when i feel troubled i would find someone and try to talk about my problems... BUT most of the time... they arent there or else they are bz... so when the next time they asked me what's wrong? i totally say er... nothing much?? hahaha cuz well.. i kinda 'set' my problems aside liaw.. so somehow the 'mood' to talk... just gone..? hahaha i think some of my dear friends dun realise that~~ hahaha i don't blame them... it's just... me!! huhu sooo!! guess not many ppl will understand what im trying to say here eh... its normal!! my writing skills suck!! wawawawaa~~~ bababa hafta sleep soon~~~ ^_^

and yeaa... 2mrw dumpling day~~~ ^_^

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