Monday, July 2, 2007


well.. i KNOW i havent been updating lately... but here it is!!! am trying to update... since have been bz these days because alicia is back!!! soo been hanging out everyday!

friday, 22.06.07- alicia came back on 21.06.07... then azura sent her over to my place today and azura couldnt join us! so sad~~ ah wells... went to kb... and alicia really shopped to her heart's content~~ wahahaha after all those shopping and 6 parking tickets later... we went to eat rojak at tdg saji!! miss that place! after that went back to sharon's place and chit chat and watched happy feet agn!! its just too cute!!! ^_^ then we balik larr

alicia craving for brunei's rojak!! long last she was able to eat brunei rojak!!! and abc~ yuuum~

in sharon's place~

saturday, 23.06.07- today's hangout was late... azura came over around 4 something and we went to wywy. alicia came then we had our early dinner and off we go to billionth barrel!! took sooooo much pics there!!!! n now still havent get it from her!! we went down to the beach til it was dark... then washed our feet in ogdc and off we go to mei fung's birthday party~~ loootsa ppl were there!! mr&mrs padillo were there~ cleo, vivian, felicia, florina, angie etc etc were there!! soo eat eat and chit chat and long last sing karaoke!!! that was the fun part!! wahahhaa X-D! then went back with samuel, sharon and vivian while alicia went to see her 'date'!! waahahahaha~~

pics during that night~ looong time no see them!! and the last pic i looked soo gila..cuz was trying to take pics wit sharon b4 the battery runs flat!

sunday, 24.06.07- rachel is back today!!!! went to yam cha with her in the afternoon in universal cafe... then went to ogdc again..sigh.... then off to the beach.. but it was sooo sunny that we went back early...~ but we hanged again at night with alicia and rachel m. for awhile in marilyn~~ ^_^

no pics for this yet.. cuz haven get the pics from rachel~~
at the beach~

monday, 25.06.07- well.. suppose to go out with someone but ended up going down miri with my parents for awhile~~ sigh loong time no go miri~ and i got to buy the soya pudding in hot cross bun~ yaay~~ hmm nothing special laa

tuesday, 26.06.07- went to bandar with rachel and alicia(driver)!! for more info and pics, please go the rachel's webbie-> ah wells... were shopping laa.. and alicia n rachel bought the most!!! got caps, bajus, dress, slippers, car perfumes~ was enjoying laarr... oh in the evening like that... all three parents of ours called us up wa!! cuz somehow it was raining heavily over kb n seria~~ but we replied.. errr its very sunny over here,pa..? huhuu
outside seri q-lap~
in mamih's place... but the nasi lemak that day was kind of average saja~~

next stop was empire!! went there to take pics!!! missed that place waaa specially the sceneries theree!! then it was almost time to go watch 'surfs up' at empire mvision... the cartoon was just nice and i looove the colours, animation~~ X-D!! befoore going back down to kb, had to wait for augustine for half an hour outside the cinema... so freaking cold!! it was raining again... alicia had to on her car's heater la... -_-"

yaaay!!! riding on a dolphin!! (syg the sun has set liaw)

i totally love this pic!! the lights behind at empire is just soo @_@ nice~~

wednesday, 27.06.07- went to pick shirley up and she freaking told me... lysa is back...!! was shocked!!!! cuz tot she will be back on 30 june!! tamparings! called her up and screamed at her! huhu... picked alicia up and met rachel at nam wah then went to rachel m.'s place to pick lysa up.... and we went to the rojak's place to cool down. after that off to the beach at tmn jubilee to get more jump shots!! it was lysa's first jump session with us~~ yaaay... somehow this time not many perfect shots.... but it was whole lots of fun larr... and tiring of course!

jump jump jump~`
OUR FACIAL EXPRESSIONS wahahahaaa and we kept making this wohooooo sounds!!!!

this shot difficult to achieve... since we had to run and jump together.... had poor timing.... huhu

org sakai's'!! me like!

thursday, 28.06.07- another outing again~~~ me and alicia went to lysa place... and finally got to see maggie!!!!!!! and also jascinta's baby boy, peter!! he is just sooo adorable!! and once again... i would like to state how inconvenience it is not to have a hp with camera around...~ cuz wasnt able to take peter's cute pics! i had to use lysa's hp to take.. but still havent save the pics from her~~ sigh... and shir was soo evil!! always buli peter but in a good way la... when in soon lee... she kept telling peter.. 'show the fingerrrr'!! and peter was soo excited... eeeeeee squeeze him ehh!! nywayz.. today was a unique day la.. cuz peter was the centre of attention and we are like his mothers~~ and somehow me, lysa, mag, shir, alicia are all like soon-to-be moms groups in wywy laa cuz the waitress was telling us... 'im a mom of 3 kids... i have more experience!!' something like this la... gosh.. we are so old...~~ then after jalan here and there.. baby not tired, but then their arms oso tired from carrying him la (i was exceptional since i dont know how to hold or carry babies~) so had to balik! but at night time around 11pm alicia picked me up and me and sharon overnight at her place....
friday, 29.06.07- continue from overnight! suppose to watch a movie but alicia ended up chatting online and sharon reading the yaoi mangas i brought and me?? me busybody go check both sides and chat~ til around 1am then watch the korean movie '200 pounds beauty'.. it was nice?? satisfactory laa... and sharon practically didnt watch it!! she was reading mangas..~ ugghh.. after the movie we went to sleep but was still chatting cuz we werent that sleepy liaw.. almost when 4am then jadi go sleep~

woke up around 8something... suppose to go bandar by 9 but somehow..... went up only by 10 something...~~ wahahahaa we these crazy ppl.... terpaksa shir n mag had to wait for us... our sole purpose to bandar was to get shimah's wedding present....! got her a really pwetty scrapbook...costly but worth it! then jalan jalan.. this time... strictly no buying other stuffs!! but alicia n rachel got themselves new stuffs again~~ hahaha ksian them~~ but this outing... somehow left us feeling tired la... and i got to eat jollibee's choc sundae!! yuum.. miss it sooo muchie~~
had lunch in sing nice nice!!!

the next time i go there.. i soo gona order laksa!! i ordered baksho mee or something...its still good.. but laksa still my fav~~

saturday, 30.06.07- in the afternoon went to gym with razan and wanilina and linna loh~ when razan picked me up, she seriously shouted my full name outside my place... sialan her!! huhuhu we spent around 2 hrs in the gym.. it was quite packed.... then went to swim in bsrc... and the security that day was tight and she was kind of rude la... ughhh~~ ah dun care her!! and ohhh as usual i as a person who duno how to swim... was trying to float facing downwards... still it was fun la fooling around... wanilina n razan's sis went home first.. leaving me and razan have more time playing around~~ after that... went to have a drink in the lounge and had chips and fried nuggets and fish sticks~ ugghh too much mayonaise laaaar!! soo fattening.. and as usual.. the workout was to maintain our weight 'today' only... X-P!!

sunday, 01.07.07- eeeeeeeee!! today is shimah's wedding!!! its sooo totally another way of reunion!!! goshh!!! soo nice... specially when we all wear baju kurung .. so warna warni!!! eeeeee just soo nice... but didn see some of my ex classmates la... well the pics says it all!!! ^_^ and yea congrats to shimah and zool!!!!
family potrait~ they are all my anaks!! =P!

the former local 'spice girls'! (including shimah)

pics pics pics!! i looked so funny with analisa... nahh too high liaw...(due to the heat!)

i love this pic very much!!!!!! all of our heads! hehehee

our pic with the wedding couple~~ i looked soo i duno... weird?? haha

grp pics!!!!!!

shimah&zool... with sinah and the wedding cake~

wish them happiness, live til old old together gether~~ haha and yeaahh a healthy life!! (sighh so not good in saying blessings to weddings~ lol)

the sas girls~~ me love this pic~~

otw back to the car~~~ hehehe

the lovely driver of the day!!! sweating but still beautiful~~~ whahaha

then later on... went out with anna... she's driving already!!!!! my first ride with her hehe.... went to eat rojak... then simple jalan jalan for awhile laar


my driver for the evening... -> anna j!! wahahahhahaa thanx yeaa!!
GOSHHH!!!!! suchhh an extreme looong update!!!! sooo tired!!! i think it took me hours to finish all these~~ everyone has gone to sleep.... now its my turn~~~ zzzzzzz

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