Saturday, July 21, 2007

wednesday, 18.07.07

lucas was back yesterday... sooo... today..hang out.... since i had no car at that moment.. lucas had to drive!! went to picked me up and went to lysa's place and chit chat!

lucas yun~ driver of the day

who is also... the model/ blind date/ guy of the day~
nywayz!! went to pick alicia up~~

comparing our arms' colours while waiting for alicia.. from top to bottom: lucas, lysa, lck... eee seems like im the darkest of them all..~~ -_-"

the princess has arrived!!!! eseehh... baru balik from canada yesterday and today you can see the changes ehhh~~ wahahaah

then went to mee stall but sadly not many chinese stalls open... so went to wywy instead~

lucas's food(duno what the name is).. looks good!

funny pic!!! lysa was shocked listening to alicia's story or something... then post post lawa lawaa~

me and lucas....
after eating and stuffs.. went over to my place... and ended up camwhoring~ ksian sii lucas!! ehh nola.. he should be lucky!! huhuh

lovers' pose no.1

lovers' pose no.2

lovers' pose no.3

and the winner is... alicia! sighh... gila ehh... hold hands again!! gila.. ehh *sticky wind jealous later ahh panda bear bear~~* huhu

vainness of the 3 peeps~

errrr... concentrating in playing lami~

serious faces -> fooling around faces

alicia's new blings! back and front view... very unique... and no alicia... am not advertising ur boobies!

couples' pics... again~~

alicia + allysa


kissing time~~ waahahahaha ^_^

our ugly feet~~~

errr duno what she's trying to do to lysa's leg~

eseehh alicia practiced her smile and posing liaw! while the others erm... bleeh... huhu

another group pic with only lucas's luscious lip..~~ ^_^

piggy backing lysa...

been retaking pics with lucas cuz turned out very badly.. and finally... a satisfactory pic~

posers..uh oh.. i mean 'potential models' in ma place.... waahahaha

since we have some time before going perayaan... went to ogdc for the miniature buildings!! cuz those 3 ppl haven really see them yet...

the sakai ppl~ huhuhuu

ahh pics pics

pics pics pics no.2! and alicia, lysa actually didnt recognise the smsa building!! hahaha thought it was very obvious... uhuhu

alicia was trying to ampas us using her heavy duty clutch which has looooots of stuffs in it

lysa sooo bz with the fon ah..

the sky above ogdc

met hui chin jogging with her friend in ogdc... speaking of jogging!! looong time no go ogdc exercise liaw... eeeee im just sooo darn lazy though am not doing anythin.... ughh

after jalan around.. admiring the fat fishes..... went to perayaan~ and it wasnt dark at all... yet....

i soo love the sky

berlepak lepak around~ it was kind of boring.... no offence!! shoots.. i wana try going to bandar perayaan~~~ i wonder when???
we had dinner at ahads burger..? then we were the only customers there and still!! slow service...ugh.. and the stall beside it was very tempting... got bakso..laksa... was regretting a little liaw.... ooops!


nescafe and teh tarik with the burger.... the drinks werent that nice.... and the burger.. its definitely better than the other stall la.. this one more eggie~~

alicia n lysa's food were there while me and lucas still waiting.... waiting til wana finish the drink liaw!!!

our...very..... moody... look.... I'LL NEVER GO BACK TO THAT PLACE AGAIN!!!! uggghh... huhuhu but when our burgers arrived.... am not angry liaw.. too hungry to think to much...
ah wells... after that went jalan jalan again.. then buang si licia to her fren's place and we all balikz..... hmmmm one tiring day.. i guess?? ^_^


Ashley Chaw Hsien Ying said...

kewllll so nice la can go from seria to bandar everytime~~.
man the picture you took on the food that ur fren ate made me super droolly.... T_T
i got even suprised got couple camwhore LOL~~~ very brave persoan *grin* haha

Lucas said...

what nice memories~~~ we should meet up again sometime.... hahaha!!! Chances of that is so slim though.... -.-"

Lucas said...

what nice memories~~~ we should meet up again sometime.... hahaha!!! Chances of that is so slim though.... -.-"