Tuesday, July 24, 2007

sunday & monday, 22&23 .07.07

on sunday, si alicia and sharan left for kl and aussie respectively!!!! gilaaaaks those ppl.. felt sooo soon they leave laa isshh darn them!! waahahahaa teruk the way i say.... ah wells.... wish sharan all the best!! and ohhh i forgot to add him.. uggghh... laterz sajaa~~

strictly hanging out with family that day!!!! hahaha been going out for the past few days... and mama wasnt that happy with me.... soooo decided to go hashing with them!!! (after months of not exercising anymore!!! ugh im such a lazyass~~) so yeaah......

my dad at d site~~sunny that day.. very hot!!! ugghh

one of the hashers' punya cute doggies!!! they were sooo playful... but freaked out when they were biting my mom's hand.. my mom was like.. no worries!! they are playing only!!! i was like.. errr.. concentrating on their teeth~~ soo sharp looking!

then the hasher brought the doggies hashing~~ haha training the dogs!! but ive seen other hasher punya dog.... it followed beside the hasher and finished the track!! soo loyal~~~ eee.. huhu

lost semut labi!!!! hahahaa

still lazying around

woooww hashing months of absence really made me soo sasats!!! i couldnt really breathe properly... and was few of the last ones out.. what to do.. all the 'short-cut-queens' on-back.... and didnt finish the trail~ sighh ah wells... after coming out.. the view is just soo nice and refreshing~~ aaah~~~~ heaven~~

i survived!!!

at night went to makan at seria plaza.... not the perayaan cuz was raining heavily!!and yeaaaah i wana say this restaurant is just one of the best restaurants in seria!!!! nobody noticed it waa.... and err i forgot the name of the restaurant.... but it was bloody recommended!!!

had masala chicken with nan and fried rice... just sooo nice~~~ heavenly~~~ yuuum!!! next time sooo gona try the chicken shesh kabab~~~ waahaahahaaa got the satisfaction from eating yo!! hahaa

my daddy~~~ sighhh his fault... wana bring us out to makan.... exercise liaw and now eat eat eat...!! hahahaha apalaarr and yeaah sooo gona bring my friends to eat there and try some more dishes~~ hehehee

then on monday!!! went to hospital for medical checkup for ubd!!! some have the simplest test ever!!! for eg.. ear test.... they asked me in.. the 2 guys were chatting chatting and i was listening.. and they were like there you go! all done!! i was like.. what??? that's it?? habis test liaw>??? they were like yeaaa... ear test means test if you can hear or not maa... so you can hear what we talking right?? there!! i was like...ha-ha-ha~~~ apaalarrr

boredom~~~ waiting for the clinic to open.... i stayed at hospital today for more than half day.... cuz the eye clinic only see patients like me in the afternoon... huh....

boredom again~~~ -_-"

after everything done... went to pay the telephone bill in seria and got this new panduan telefon~~~ i dont know why but i really liked the cover!! so cute and creative in a way~~ hahahaa didnt know brunei is capable of these designs in a way.. goshh i looove looking down on brunei.... darn... hafta stop thinking like that!!! brunei progressed too waa... isshh~

simple and cute designs

young kid playing laptop!!!! ~_~

then spent my afternoon sleeping!! was really tired due to i dont know what reasons~~ hmmmm then just now chatted with alicia and timun/nose/ingus/boggers/nosferatus/gay etc etc!! haiyoo new nick names for gay daddy~~ ah wells.. then later they ditched me for phone calls.. just hoooow sweet of them~~ =P!

and yeaaaah!!! am suppose to post the pic of razan wanilina they all dancing... in the chinese newsppr!!! there it is!!!!!!!!!
waahahaahaa wani is the most ketara one!! =P!

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