Friday, July 6, 2007

resting days~

woww!! after shimah's wedding... was totally resting at home... well not exactly resting when i spend most of my time watching 'one piece'!!! hahah such an extreme looong anime!! but i really prefer the manga more!! i dont know why... but the manga is just so much fun!! as for anime.. might be the colourings that do not appeal to me or something~~


ah wellz... on tuesday... accompanied my mom to the hospital..and realised they sell so many types of delicacies!!! the kuih-muih, mee goreng, porridge, nsi lemak and all those sold in tamu...~~ waseeehh.. all those yummy but unhealthy food... in the hospital!! and there were sooo many people buying... that i couldnt resist but to buy one as well~~ huhuhu.. it wasnt that bad laa... mwahaahhaa~~

duno what the name for this.. but its basically pulut wit a lil spicy pusu on top!! yuum! used to buy from sas for 50cents each!

during night time... when my dad's laptop is available.. i would then watch 'jigoku shoujo futakomori'.. somehow its much better than the first season!! hahaha enjoyed it~~ now only at episode 17..?

ai enma~~

well that's about it!!

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