Saturday, July 7, 2007

friday, 06.07.07

today suppose to company shir to get her pasport pic made but somehow turned into a hangout~~ hahaha well... had breakfast in wywy then got the pengarau that shir needed... then picked analisa up!! n si shir had to put on her school tudong but she was wearing a skirt... so when she went down to the shop... me n analisa kept laughing cuz its sooo weird to have a white school tudong with a denim skirt walking in town!! gilaks larr~~
then went down to soon lee then to kb~~~ had lunch in procter ~~~ when i was eating the ice cream ah... stu shir n analisa started saying bout the menses n those icky stuffs! LOSE MY APPETITE TRUS..! goshh wateva those crazy peeps!! talked bout our sas memories!! n shir was soo fixated on her stolen sticker book by that 'someone' who added me recently in frienster~~ =P!! after lunch we went jalan jalan and got stuffs from ribbonette or whatever the spelling is~
posing in 'ribbonette'(??)

the goodies available~~

since we couldnt go to my place to enjoy those goodies... had to go ogdc again and had our teabreak larr... ordered ice lemon tea, shir's i-duno-wat-name-punya-drink, n flavoured fries.. this time i didn eat much of the fries cuz i got sick of it due to its overly salty taste and its not even cheese flavour! its more like salt laa not cheese... ugghhh

one oreo cheese cake(spposedly for lysa but she wasnt home.. so i helped her to get rid of it!! huhu), 2 blueberry cheesecake and one halo halo...~~~

sighh... sayang the base wasnt that satisfying.. it wasnt that 'intact'~~ but overall.. its nice laa~~

after chit chatting and spending time in toilet... had to go check some dvds~~ but before that... shir had to put on her eyeliner..~

stolen shot of her~

after the shot... she attacked me!!!! i mean my camera... using her dirty tissue!! wahahahah~~

sooo off we go to dvd shops.. but then didnt buy anything cuz its a lil too costly... and ohhh the stalker was there!!! and wanted to kacau si shir waa since she's wearing a short skirt.... he was standing sooo near to shir so she slowly move away and she was in between me n analisa... then the stalker ahh his hand reach for the dvd near me... we were soooo close... and he turned around and he saw me.... definitely a disappointed face.. then he went away..~ apalaarr dont care him la... since we were thirsty... went to tamu and got ourselves drinks.... but it was sooooo sweet~~ it tasted weird.. really weird....~ haha saw ak. busy shopping for food with someone...! and somehow i didn layan him cuz duwan kacau waa his time with that someone~~ huhuhu... well... went back to ogdc to buang shir to josh.... he sending her back waa~~

stolen shot again~~

then buang analisa balik again.... then wanted to see fr paul but somehow got event in church... so tak jadi go... maybe just next time.... i feel sooo guilty!!! sighh...

fr paul.... in 2004... the pic was taken in keningau during the syd-1 event~~ the only pic of him i had!

while browsing through the pics.. i found this pic and i still luurve it!!! the moments we had that event!!! hmm.. maybe i should blog about that next time when i have free time~~ huhu... fr paul gave us the hats to lambangkan that we three girls represent brunei in this event wa~~ i still have the hat in good condition!!! X-D!!

and yesssh i updated the song in my friendster.. its a song by rimi natsukawa(one of my fav singers... she has a beautiful voice!!!) the song is 'toki no kawa'... its also dedicated to my mama!! cuz its her birthday today!!!! hahaha didn celebrate it though...cuz they were back late from hash... just gave her a hug and kissed her on her cheeks~~~ ah wells.. gona celebrate it together with my dad's bday laa...~~ hehehe so yeaaah... I LOVE YOU MAMA!!!!!! mwaaaaaks!!!

baaaa til next time~~

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Ashley Chaw Hsien Ying said...

i've been secretly reading your blog and now is the time to intro myself LOL~~
i know your blog through anna's
somehow i like to read your blog especially the photos you take hoho.. really rare to see bruneians with SLRs i've been eyeing for nikon D40.. but ... sigh..

p.s i didnt post spo much on my blog..cus i usually update my msn live blog. heee come read lo *malu*