Tuesday, July 17, 2007

sunday, 15.07.07

its His Majesty's birthday today!!!!!!! and the perayaan starts tonight!!! huhuu... ah wells.. today went out for breakfast with my uncle and sis while my parents went to labi for some functions there... then lepak at home sajaa...

then at night went to perayaan and sempat saw razan wanilina and their cuzzies dancing!! went to backstage and find them!!

leena & razan

we three~

the kids starring in the fashion show with an exceptional 'antu puchong' there... hehe

ahh jalan jalan time~

^_^ ohhh wani closed her eyes~
it was already 9 suomething and i havent eat!! was extremely hungry!! soooo settle for a place that's neither full nor empty!

soto mee hoon~~ nice!! added a tea spoon of chilli and it was spicy til my lips and ears were hot.. but enjoyed it... it was good!! ordered a burger too.. but wasnt that special.. somehow i prefer roti john! ohh i miss roti john! hehe that's about it~


Ashley Chaw Hsien Ying said...

omg... i really dont know that day was sultans bday... walaooo at least i'm red ic holder nvm ahhaha/.

lck-sama i really love the quality pics you took~~~ so detailed man.. =.= i wanna get nikon D40 for my photography class next sem.

better enjoy your life before getting into uni.. because uni really can deteriorate your brain cells with notes and stuff ahahhaa lolo kidding ya

lck87 said...

ahaa!! red ic holder oso clueles?@!? unforgivable!! hahaa nvmla.. we ignorant ppl .. lyk tat one la.. i dun even know msia sultan o pm's bday tho im malaysian~~ huhuhu

ehh? hahaa nikon D40?? haha tats a good convinient cam la! specially d pricing is lower than d usual digi cams... well actually... the pics in this blog r taken by several cams la... one post i used D70.. then some posts used my SE fon camera( d ones wit no auto focus).. than sony digi cam 2.0 mega pix... then these days i use canon 3.2 pixels punya... hahaha well.. sure u can take good pics la lyk how u draw o design ur drawings~~ huuhuhu

n yeaa am enjoying my life here!! totally didnt touch d books at all during d hols... haha but no studying oso can make me crazy at times.. huhuhu

gosh i think i wrote too much?? =P!

Ashley Chaw Hsien Ying said...

where got~~~
it's normal one LOL~~~~
i might be consider D70 or D40.. cus m fren just bought D70 weeks ago, told me D40 wasnt that great...
now lookign forward for my photography class next sem hoho,
btw are you christian? cus i saw the song u post in ur blog.. i ever been to that church once only haha.

lck87 said...

ohhh heard from my dad.. if u want D40.. rather u just get D40x... its so much better la... hehehe and well.. im a free thinker but i do listen to christian songs... and i just find that song nice la... haha never been to that church though... ^_^