Saturday, July 14, 2007

first meeting with nosferatus/ chubby/ gay daddy/ tman

well well well...~~ today got to meet up with sir nosferatus/ sir chubby/ gay daddy/tman in seria!!! its kind of a weird feeling that we are able to see this guy rachel intro me through the net?? hahaa but in a good way laaa..

nywayz.... rachel came to pick me up around 8.45am and met him in ogdc... first impression of him was... err... 'he looked the same as in the pics!!!' plus it doesnt feel like its our first time meeting each other?? wahahaha apa me toking? ah wellz... brought him to mee stall and ate mee soto, drinking teh c.... hanged around seria.. then went to pick lysa up.... went to jeejuan yam cha again~~~ we didnt jadi go to tmn jubilee cuz there were rehearsals for his majesty's birthday.... so ended up in panaga beach!!!

errr lysa... dont look back~~ there's someone doing weird posing behind us!!! just pretend to do something!!!

eeeee he is at the back of u lysa~~~ stalker!!!! ^_^
first group pic with our gay daddy~

then went to the beach jalan jalan and also take jump shots!!!!

'torn between two lovers???' X-P!

gay daddy's back flip in panaga beach!!!

another grp pic at the beach~

before jumping.... we must gather our 'chi'~~~ *breathe in, breathe out*

then JUMP!!!! eeeps i am a spoiler~~~ not high enough~~~ sighh~~ =P!

jumping session near the shore~~ ",

ahaaa!!!! caught on pic!!!! rachel splashed me from behind while i was busy talking to lysa~~ basah my jeans~~

after jumping for i dont know how many times..... rest for awhile....~~

my tongue is soo weird looking here~~~ bleeeh~~ huhu

left panaga for tudung saji!! i was sooooo thirsty!!!! ughh.... had corn and air suam~ and ohh i remember gay daddy's expression when he first eat the rojak.. he let this sound 'ah!' huhuhuhu rupa rupanya meaning nyaman!! haha but the rojak was a lil spicy though~ hehe

time for another pic!!!

after drinking and eating rojak.... went back to lysa's place and gather her stuffs to overnight at her cuzzies place...

taking pics while waiting for lysa!! hehehe

we were suppose to go to billionth barrel monument but then it was drizzling!! so went to ogdc instead... ngam ngam wrong timing again la... there were students there to see the exhibits... soo it was soo packed in ideal that we sat there saja... relax~~ and heard the kids say foul language~~ uggh... what's wrong with kids these days??(now i sound soo like adult... so 'ngam ngam cham cham'~~ bleeh) nywayz ate again.. then went to jalan in the park for a lil while...

climbing up the 'tower'!!! huhu

and again~~

fooling around outside~~~
overall it was a nice hangout... yam cha here and there!! and yeaah gay daddy has a new nickname!!! -> TIMUN... wahahhaa cute juaa~~~ so yea.. from now on... he is known as timun!!! hehehe.. yeaa thanks for lanja'ing' and drive us around today!!!

and yeaah thanx for the pics taken from rachel and timun~~~

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