Tuesday, July 10, 2007

07.07.07 - 08.07.07

on saturday afternoon went down to miri... my parents had to attend their friends' wedding.. so me and my sis went along~~~ and yeaaah today is one auspicious day for wedding... cuz its date...07.07.07 is very lucky number!!! sooo lootsa wedding going on~~ when we check in imperial hotel.. there's wedding cars there liaw~~

cute!!! specially the behind ah.. so classic~~ hehe

after checking in went over to my uncle's place...~~ chit chat~~

one very rare sight of the wintermelon!!! ^_^

the day n night time of miri city~ we stayed at level 22 in imperial hotel so got to take pics...~~

three weddings held in imperial!! all the other hotels were fully booked with weddings too!!

when my parents went for the wedding in boulevard.. me and my sis go jalan jalan in imperial since no car waa... though there's sales everywhere... we didn get much... cuz kapih wa we ppl~~ just bought some drinks and desserts~

sooo glowing!!!! hahahhaa

after jalan jalan... went back to hotel and watched 'the fog' while eating the cheesie blueberry ice cream~~ yuuum~~ then drank chocolate milk~~~ wahahaa

then around 11 something.. my sis's friend came and go lepak for awhile~~
i like his personalised car!!! so cute~~~ hahahaa

,y sis's hands~~ creepy~~ and ohh we went to a pool place.. and they gambled on the 'balls'.. score a ball.. you'll win rm2!! sighh.. just watching~ then we balik la...~~~

the next day went to eat at sun city~~... the food wasnt that good.. it was too oily!!!! we ordered 2laksa, one fry kuew tiaw, one bat kut teh, one yong chab, one plate fried chicken leg and one plate of fried terung... goshh was really really full!!! only 4 of us eating... what you expect!?!?!?! but oh the drinks were good!!... the teh tarik, kopi... nice!! my peppermint tea is nice too!! hehehe... overall... drinks -> highly recommended, food-> ugghh... below average~
then we went jalan jalan and see see look look around the china stuffs there.... and oh there's this furniture shop... and how dare they wana sell a dirty furniture!!!

for example-> rm 1599 for a sofa on top..... and look closely...~

there were doggie foot prints everywhere!!! dont tell me its original?? -_-

went back hotel and enjoyed cakes we bought from 'desserts'... rm 6.90 each~~~ abit costly compared to hotel cakes.... but the taste is undeniable laa~~ hehehe well.. we packed our stuffs and go jalan jalan for awhile then balik!!!

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