Tuesday, July 17, 2007

saturday, 14.07.07

today's plan... go bandar!!!! so went over to razan's place with linna loh... only three of us~ cuz the others couldnt make it... sigh.. anyways... we waited again for razan to bath.. cuz apparently..she said... she's too lazy to bath when we were on our way.. -_-""" sigh... nvmla.. she our boss~ huhuhu

razan's piano... bought from kl!!! her next target?? a grand piano..~

after waiting for quite sometime... off we go to bandar!!... but first.. went to jpmc to visit razan's grandmama~

razan posing with her grandmama at the back~
then me and linna went out to give a call to the mall cinema.. to check the schedules..but engaged.... suddenly we saw the beach was just behind the building.. so went to take some pics there~

the clouds that day~

outside view

me and linna

while busy taking pics... razan was actually there looking at us fooling around... huhu

err.... are you daydreaming, razan??

i cant help but admire the curtains at the top...

sooo cute!! vibrant colours!

we actually got lost inside jpmc... had to find someone to guide us out~~ wahhaha malu~

the beautiful view in jpmc

traffic jam otw to bandar~

now then i realise the building..'the arch'!! seriously... what is inside that alang alang building??


went to seri q-lap for transformers...BUT tak jadi cuz it was airing in the late afternoon...~ so balik to the mall and get the tix... and went to the foodcourt for lunch~

razan's japanese rice~ its good~ but they used the normal rice... should use the fat and round rice!! heehe... we all had sushis then a little dim sum...
after lunch... went to get drinks, 2 chocolate sundaes and hid it in linna's bag... and popcorn... and we are ready for the movie!!!

haha i got a bad picture here showing transformers... the movie is great!!!!! great animation! storyline was simple... great battles!! funny in some parts.. and the stu freaky small robot reminds us of 'out-of-control stitch'!! hehehe... but i think the ending is a little too rushed.. somehow the great megatron was easily defeated?? sighh

eeee linna closed her eyes!! haaiyaa then we balik la.. cuz razan hafta balik awal for her dance practise...

before going back.. went to tapau the famous nasi bell in lumut.. the ones with green rice...~ well.. its wasnt that good though... *disappointed* but the beef was good and the sambal is spicy!!huhu well that's it for today.... i was alone at home the rest of the night... sighh all my family members got partying to do wa...~ sob sob...~~


Ashley Chaw Hsien Ying said...

waow..i havent eat nasi lemak since form 3 at stmagaret's canteen... i love that meal..prolly i shud try the one u suggest ,the green rice thing, once i goin back to brunei.

have u tried tien tien at kiulap opposite hua-ho one? i miss their signature food i.e chicken rice .... thats my fav food in bandar. at seria i like rojak from the food court and the tou sa pau at sui heng yummm.. compare to kl. you'll find millions amazing foooood lol. come to kl ba hehee

lck87 said...

hahahah i think ahh the green tice is like pandan flvour o something.. huhu yea.. u shud try bandar's nasi katok!!! they r lyk soooo good!!! hahahahaha

n yessh tien tien.. my childhood punya restaurant~ my parents owez bring me to tien tien (d one near soon lee)..then the new one is opposite huaho la.. and yessh i totally agree with u bout d rojak n tou sa pau... n actually the best char siew pau used to be in the kb restaurant but too bad now not nyaman liaw...

yeaaaa kl food!!!! i know there's loots of good food there! costly too!!! i recommend seremban food la.. when last year i went back for vacation i gained a few kilos!! n spend more money on food than anythin else!! wahhaha gilaa~~ goshh can tok loots bout food..yea?? ahahaha