Sunday, July 22, 2007

thursday, 19.07.07

another outing today with lucas dear dear~~ since makan lunch liaw we went to marilyn yam cha yam cha...~~

got carrot juice, cappucino, teh tarik, mashed potato, potato ships, lagsana with garlic bread... hmmmmm~

canada coin... 25 cents/a quarter

then went to bandaran hall to settle alicia's stuffs and we stayed outside saja and talked.. darn it was sooo hot laa.. X-P

fooling around~

since there's nowhere to go.. decide to go back alicia's place...

otw back to alicia's place...~

lucas~ full of emotion....not! ahhaha

in alicia's room

alicia showing us her canada pics... and its seriously loooooooots of pics!!!! that we were somehow telling alicia liaw... errr alicia.. thought we r here watching movie? huhuu we impatient ppl~

lucas must be cannot tahan we girls in the room that he joined albert instead... hehe

me and my claws and lucas with the hammer~~ and alicia... with her.... eerm... seductive lips? @_@

pose pose pose~

piggy backing me!! eeeee alicia is strong!!
we then realised it was almost 4 something.. that we havent even started to watch yet!

the butterfly effect bought from canada! but no subtitles... errrrmmm

but before the movie... 1st shoot- lucas getting ready for the movie, 2nd shoot- lucas saw someone approaching him, 3rd shoot- alicia starting to grab him by his shoulders!!, 4th shoot- @_@ it says it all...., 5th shoot- lucas back to his normal self...

finally we finished the movie!!!!! and had to fast foward the ending cuz hafta send me balik since am going out with razan at night...~~~ and yeah the movie was,.. confusing yet interesting.. and alicia was like saying the ending was different and stuffs.. hmm no idea...
SO!! alicia sent us all back... and after awhile.. razan came and picked me and siew chee up.. and off we go to escapade!

some of the food... was satisfactory in a way... hmmmm~

the two singapore scholars!!!! they were there too~~ wooow... got to see them before flying off to spore...~


after abis makan.. went to see them.... cant believe that was still able to see smsa peeps there~ ah wells... best of luck to you all to wherever you all go!!!

suppose to go to the perayaan but unfortunately it was raining... and we didnt go!! so ended up in soon lee jalan jalan then balikz......~

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