Saturday, July 14, 2007

tuesday, 10.07.07

picked analisa and lysa up then went over to shir's place... where maggie n shir awaits~ then went for breakfast in sg liang.... all ordered fried kuew tiaw but different preferences laa... some only mau daging.. some tak mau tau geh.. some want egg sunnyside up.. etc etc.. ahaha took a loong time to order abis... then went to soon lee sop for horror movies... after more than 7 or 8 testings later... finally got.. two dvds... went back to shir's place


getting ready for the movie.. the haunted scool isit..? it was okai~~ scary at some parts.. specially the toilet scenes!!! bleeeh!! ohh shir's keropok udang.. sooo nice!! peppery~~ yuum~~

shir's goldfishes~~

our lunch!!!! spicy chicken with black pepper sausage and cheese sausage with looots of timuns and belacan and chincalok(sighh duno how to spell!) heavenly~~~

the doggy behind the house... like very moody ler...

the drinks~~ very nice!!!

guitar session!

ohhh one old pic.. taken in 2003 i think? one of my favourites~~

nice pics~~~

one giant grasshoper on my car!!!!

posing with my car... lysa called it the 'limo'... insulting ehh~~ wahahaha

desiree is back from school!!!!!

the sky that day~

hanging outside the house...~~ actually took a few videos of lysa... but didn post it.. karang si lysa kill me..~~ hehehe

then when lysa's dad came and picked her up... me and analisa pulai laa~~~


Ashley Chaw Hsien Ying said...

woow wow siokness

i wish i can hangout like that minus the horror movie thing haha....

lck87 said...

hahaha syok?? well watching horror movies with ur friends are actually quite fun!! wahahaha~~ cuz somehow the movie will not be tat scary wa~ got frens to hold on to..! hehhe