Wednesday, July 11, 2007

simple arts~

after browsing and reading ashley's blog(i love her cgs!).... it made me remembered how much i missed art... i missed drawing.. specially using pencil, pen and.. crayons!!!! (shir knows it and she actually gave me 2 sets of 12crayons a few years back.. hheehe thanx babe!) gosh... the last time i drew was a few months ago..?? well.. though i had more than 6months holiday, i never really draw alot! just because im lazy =P!! i draw mostly when im studying because drawing for me is like escaping from the stress of studying?? haha somehow maybe that's one of my reason i wont pursue art education... sighh...

its me~~~ (thinner version.. huhuhu)

how i started drawing??? i started when i was in primary 4... and with all those exposure to sailormoon and dragonball when i was just in lower primary i fell in love with anime!!! wahhaha so from then onwards i practise and practise drawing!!! huhuhu... but somehow after form 5... im always drawing the face only.. and now if you want me to draw the whole body... it'll turn out cacat!!! huhuhu.. hopefully i can resume drawing again when i get to ubd...

there are some arts by me below.... enjoy!!

same angle but different lighting....

different angle with different lighting.. (duh~)

i love drawing eyes!!! it begins after form 5 actually..~~ huhu... but still really improve.. malas to train~ =P

all three girls with different looks...(specially the eyes) ... never stick to one type of drawing~~ cuz i always depend on my mood ~~ huhuu

one of the 'bookmark'S?? i did few years back... it slipped out from nowhere when i was looking through my 'collection'... sighh... i missed my other bookmarks that i gave away~~
ah wellz... that's all ppl~

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Ashley Chaw Hsien Ying said...

wow~~~ i like ur drawings~~~ simple but very meaningful!!
dun ever stop drawing anime!! LOL
i used to draw while doin assignment very.. but i believe you can improve more faster hoho~~