Friday, July 13, 2007

simply pics~~

wohoooo!!! got to get pics from rachel!!!! well just load some of them here~~

in ogdc~

in bandar~~

moments with rachel~~~ gosh cant do much actions, can i??? -_-"

moments with alicia~~ introducing the empire cinema, the beachside... and lastly.. our beautiful friendship in empire~~~ X-P!! huhu

sighh~~ very very enjoy~~

ohhh lysa finally able to gimme baby peter's pics!!! eeeeeee soooo cuuuuute!!!!! X-D!!

1st pic- yo jeje lck!! wana show u something~~, 2nd pic- look at me biting the headphone!!!, 3rd pic- no, peter nooo!!!! dont u bite bite sana~~, 4th pic- aaaawww.... darn it!!! i duwan layan u liaw~

everybody loooooves peter!!! but peter err... (look at his unwilling faces!!)

this pic... looks sooooo WRONG!!! gosh.. no susu to feed u lar peter!! huhu

eeeeee his mama tied his hair... now he looks like the ancient japanese ppl! (those with names like kentaro, etc etc)

after sooo much playing... tired liaw... sleep soo soundly~~~

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