Tuesday, July 10, 2007

bla bla??

hmmm... i had so much things to say... but when im finally at my blog... i lost my words!!
sigh... its been like this... i just need to find the right time, the right moment...?
i always fail to open up completely to my girlfriends... just because i dont have the mood or what ... im also not sure...
so i want to say sorry girls! it's not that i dont want to share but...sigh.. i hope you'll understand..?
bleeh me talking gibberish or whatever word that describes it best...~
and oh... i really do want to go to school soon~~ ubd!!!! please reply asap waaa!!! though i can watch tv and hang out loots.. i want to break free!! i want to spend less!! eat less!! but then... spending time with my family and friends are really fun!!! hmmm darn those pros and cons..~~
hmm... about my love life... lets just say... i like someone who doesnt feel the same way for me?? haha should be la... since we never have contact much... (its obvious he doesnt like u lck!!!! lol~) so somehow its sort of a one-sided love or a crush?? been missing him soo much that i feel suffocated in my heart.. i guess?? bleeh... nvm... i have razan as my darling~ (X-D!!!) if she dont want me... then nvm...! like shir ever said.. there are more fishes in the sea!! cheer up!! wahahahhaa
soo what else... ahhh i cant wait to hang out soon!!!!! wahhaha~~~


Ashley Chaw Hsien Ying said...


i can imagine that you're very outgoing person who loves her friends very very much.. that was lovely .
i understand how one sided love looks like because thats what i've been into recently. but i ended not long ago. heeeee
maybe i get too glued to my college assignments LOL thats y i tend to thik about my work instead of him.
chill down na. forgetting someone wont be easy.. just be yourself hoho.

it's 2.32 a.m and i'm not tired. lol very cham ah my life hahaa

lck87 said...

hahahhaa thanx for ur looong comment!!! yeaah tats y i wana go ubd soon!!! try to focus on study first~~ well im not really gona forget him.. maybe just wana give him up? lol~

ehhh so 'early' also and ur not tired?? used to it liaw isit?? haha u also relax wa!!