Sunday, April 12, 2009

random pics during PCW

well... just post some pics arnd to let u all see here.. i know i know... there's FB where i could upload it.. but..somehow... im used to use blog wa.. hehe but its quite tempting... cuz can type less..XD but.. alil boring eh~ haha ba enjoy them~

oh ah~ maid flirting with tamaki-sama~ XD n look at the girls at the back waiting for their turn to be tamaki's~ XD *kidding kidding*

just some random pics arnd~ hahhaa sorry for making it a lil packed.. but ah wells.. i tink i liked it that way~ =D

the same style of taking pics... me on the floor playing legal 'peeping tom'~ =D

on the day of the fashion show which was quite fast n brief n fun~ hahaha n we walked n posed with the guests~

me n fif(my supposedly partner for the moment.. but was stolen away by his fans~ -_- thus i was alone~) n sharon n kyuu.. haha we two pairs look kinda matching~ XD n we were posing with vince's lil sis~ ahh~ there's more pics ... but agn.. my laziness eating me atm as usual~ -_-

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