Sunday, April 19, 2009

its laziness

ahaaaa~ this coming week will be our ubd final week of the sem.. then one week break.. n exams! hmm~ n i haven been doing much of my reports n revising for tests... even i have been abandoning updating my blog on a regular basis.. well... will update more of my 'food outings' with my sis n uncle... so far... wana tok abt food in shabu shabu, kimchi restaurant n cheezbox~ so.. coming soon? =p

been spending lotsa time in FOS after classes just to finish up this gladiator... sigh... tiring ahh~ n sooon~~~ on tuesday at fos foyer! the competition begins! XD

this was during ai len's bday~ ksian heeeeer!!!! look how 'forceful' yi yii was~ nailing her down!! XD n michelle was pulling one of her hands and jac pin her other hand down?? hmm~ i forgot wat it was.. but i tink they were trying to kiss her o sumthin? @_@

ahhh bjfa sports day~ water balloons! looking at it .. its sooo cooling!

well there's this much of ppl attending it~ hehhee looks fun.. but i cudnt afford to abandon my 'boss' in fos to continue with the project XD

hahaha sooner o later i post up more random pics( i guess).. i feel.. my posts... are quite... 'wu liao' eh~ hmmm its not really 'blogging' to begin with.. ah wells~ =p

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