Sunday, April 26, 2009


loooong last EE2205 ended!!!! on that very day, tuesday on the last week of the sem!!! wheeeee enjoyable matches between the gladiators~learnt stuff.. n just submitted the tech report ystrdy.. goshhhhh thanx alot partner liang! cant do without u~ =p

ystrdy nyt.. wedding of this cute couple above =) congratsssss!!! my parents n sis went.. i went to represent someone..thus i followed loor... the food was okla.. =p

wat we got even more interested in was this beauty!!! haha me n mee lee sis took the opportunity to take pics with it! yaaaay~~ sooo pertyyy~

haha n i got encouraged to steal something.. XD a certain someone took one.. n i pulled one out from the car too... haha naaaah a 'virtual' rose from me to anybody who reads this! XD

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