Friday, April 17, 2009

i want more desserts!

yesterday was good =) i had..let see...~

-sorta-konnyaku jelly with fruits inside with custard on top-
it was good for me~

-strawberry sorta-konnyaku jelly-
no taste =( its just 'jelly'..~

-blueberry cheesecake-
yummi-ness! cheesey! =D been awhile haven have something like this...~

i got the three above from pei fen's~ (thanx soo much!) well shared among with chee n shan~

-chocolate fudge cake-
not too sweet n its rich!! yuuuums!!

-carrot cake-
was craving for it.. n the outcome.. wasnt something i expected.. tasted better =p

the two above.. got it from rizqun when me n siew chee went out for a date =p buy 1 cake free 1 cake after 9pm wa =DDD

gaaahhhh cant get enough of desserts~ *hearts* =D

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