Sunday, April 5, 2009

one month ago!

update of a month ago... inspired by the 'soon-to-be-open' secret recipe in the mall in brunei! yaaaay~ haha well.. that was my first time to secret recipe in miri with fen saiful n fathi~

4 of us~ hahaha with i duno wat expression~

n agn another pic of them when theres food arnd~

for starters.. i had this choc brownie which was.... *2 thumbs up*!!! we love it! its warm... they placed the brownie into the microwave to melt the choc topping n it melts... n when we ate it..~ XD good good!

then our food~ mine lasagne~ the minced beef was so generous! until i kinda complain why the pasta was only alil..haha luckily theres bread~ so was able to eat with it... then saiful with his spaghetti n meatballs.. the meatball was alil too dry for my liking.. , fen with her.. something like ham but its chicken wrapped or rolled with something... it was very cheesy~ yummy for me but not for her... maybe because as you eat the cheesiness.. it became alil..sickening? hmm~ then fathi with his cheesy macaroni with seafood? i forgot owedi.. it was just normal..~

then desserts after the meal... one mocha n one chocolate cheesecake~ haha we robbed them of their cheesecakes~ =p mocha cheesecake... too cheesy generous....with strong mocha flavour.. its actually nice la... the chocolate one.. alil too dry.. hmmm next time.. i want choc indulgence~ haha

spent quite some time in secret recipe.. thus less time to look arnd.. didnt get to buy much.. but saiful managed to buy himself a guitar...haha wonder how is his learning progress =p ah wells.. walked arnd the imperial building then to bintang plaza....

my first time in starbucks... n 4 of us... total bill.... 70++! hah~ drinking non alcoholic drinks can be a luxury~ -_-

the service was good... friendly la... n well.. nice setting.. but i wouldnt wana go back for another cup.. unless i ordered the cheapest one! haha i alil phobia...cuz felt alil ripped off~

i said so.. because its my first time wa.. n the guy recommended stuff.. n it was... green tea frappucino with caramel syrup n choc chips~ lil did i know... those 2 latter ones were add ons! thus my single drink alone.... almost rm19~ excluding the taxes n service charge~ whooa...~ one of my eye opening experience~ XD

after we tapao~ time to balik brunei~ n owh tats fen with her new contacts n saiful with his erm... mcD's fries? n owh the guys tapau-ed some food n drinks there...~ hehe ate abit~

overall.. fun n costly~ XD but the rest spent more than me~specially fen~ she rampas my chance to pay for the toll fee! grrr~ XD hahha n first time to miri with other ppl besides my childhood friends~

okai... the end of the day~

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