Friday, January 21, 2011

It's a new year.. again =)

It's 2011 with me abandoning my blog. Yesterday I was looking through my posts randomly and boy, it brought so much memories and it got me realised,'Thank goodness I was active in uploading so many pics and blog about them!', otherwise I would really forget all those little details that make life so much fun =)

Well, it really feels so different that I am typing something here again, odd but a familiar homey place~ =)) I could not believe how many pics posted using Brunei's internet! It seems like a miracle! Whereas at the moment, in Glasgow, the connection is just too good but too bad I no longer upload pics to this blog but to Facebook. Just upload pics and no stories =/

Anyways, I am just updating this blog to try 'reviving' and see how it feels again to blog =D

So, Happy 2011 ppl =)

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