Saturday, August 16, 2008

it is tough

ahh... If ppl just realize what I just realized...~~(humming colbie's song...realize...) tat blogging is just taking so much of my effort~~ hahaha im tat a lil stressed from blogging.. haha its fun its fun! but when there's tons of pics arnd... i jus kinda er... lost my mind..XD nadawa.. resizing them are the ones tat took my time... nid to choose pics lagi to put nto my blog.. haha ah wells.. this coming week.. surely got updates... so dont marah ah ppl.. i wouldnt wana disappoint ya all~ haha baba... leme continue resizing the other pics~~ =)

fyi..the pic taken during the hostel orientation... haha totally duno wat to wear on arabian nyt... ah wells.. ok looking la..kan? (sorry for not having a va-va-voom body~ its just hard..ya know? its hard~-> 'maritess' slang..XD)

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