Tuesday, August 26, 2008

visit to rba hangar!

on a wednesday... after our dim sum brunch... went to gather at fos carpark.. n i left the most important possesion in my life... my IC!!! i didn know need to bring IC for the visit.. so asked azri's help to rush back hostel n get it. n when i reached FOS...most ppl owedi inside the bus.... gah... sweat like wat la..

chee n irn!! gave the same facial expression~ hehee

liang...i duno wat happen to him... just wanted to take our pics.. but sumhow... he was a lil mental i guess... n oz...with his water bottle!! XD these jokers ahh~~

reached rba.. waited a loooong time for the visitors pass...thanx dr voo for everything ahh~~ hhehehe

n here we are!!! see part of the brunei flag?? hehe excited excited!! duno y.. i tink i like to look at planes?? jus cuz i dun travel much?? its like a luxury~ XD *sakai*

yesh yesh.. not only me excited... most ppl are!! we energetic ppl~~~ =D

then then then.. after briefing..time to brief bout the life saving thingie things.. love this place!! cuz we kept askin questions...we curious ppl wa... how to save life la.. how they survive the wide waters if anythin wrong with the plane... hahaha btw..thats life boat for royalty i guess.,.? cuz its only for 8 ppl.. whereas normal ones are 50something ppl..~

i forgot his name.. but he is just too friendly...! i like him! he demo us stuffs... n then...gave free gifts hehe such as candies... then the light tat lights up when in water n this erm... tube thingie...

there there..life saving kit!!! the candies there.. eat once.. n it prevents hunger in one to two days... someone asked..y no sell during puasa months? can tahan ehh..hehe n he said.. its frm usa.. n it sells in a set n its costly.. so yeaa... ah wells.. lotsa things inside the packet la.. got solution o powders that can mix with sea water to make it into drinkin water for concumption...MAGIC!! brilliant... hahaha...~

there!!! the light bulb that lights up when in water.. its in every life jackets! cuz when u terjatuh into laut... it touches the water..it lights up.. n night time.. it can be seen clearly tho far away.. another life saver point of life jacket.. ahh.... maybe i shud pay more attention to the design of life jacket... =D

ah went out after quite some time there!! (spent too much time there cuz we kept askin questions...wat?? fun baaaaa) n there... we saw the airplane... hehee n warm air!!

wahh.... we reached a tyre shop or something? hehe liang ..u wana purchase something ha??? XD

there the man in action.. i cudn really concentrate in wat he tokin bout... myt cuz the place abit huge to me? i was a lil occupied lookin at the thingies arnd..

gaaah!! ce-po-le!!! y u show ur face like dis dis??? @_@

even he was shocked!!

n the two gentlemen agreed too!!*nodding in approval* hehee ah wells... spent a short while sja..

then workshop!! hehe.. ehh ce-po-le..normal face?? =D

we see milling n lathe machine!! but the machine tat we tot was milling..it was CNC! the machine ubd doesnt have......due to some reasons..sigh.,..

ahh the man in charge!!(yes i know wa... mafan me this...never remember ppl name.. not tat i sengaja k? i just dun remember! -_- gosh.. i can never work in any of those 'relations' department or wat they call it) btw.. this guy..he sarcastic..but funny! hehe he's ok la..

these? these are just plastic balls to maintain the temperature of the liquid below it... we were like... hah?? moth balls? XD

ohhh~~ were u posing?? were u??? haha gah... now im tokin crap in my post... i gues..im tired... ah wells... i shall push myself~~ aaaarggghh~

there...this one that is one of the most interesting things going on! making a gold plating on a piece of material.. hehe

*there u go.... gold plating!* hehe the guy's facial expression.. mcam buat magic show wa.. n he impressed us with his magic... hehee

gah the overhead thingie things above!!! its soo scary for me la.... but looked like it wont just 'dropped' down just like tat.. hehe... but yeaa... i like to look at it for no reason...

before we leave the workshop.. i saw this... n the reminder?? im totally guilty of it!! i haven even start my pprworks.... @_@ i nid to get my arse moving!! nah.. i mean my head n my arms n my body!! everything!!!!

posing time!!! syok ehh~ hehe n darn the pic..duno y it has turned 90 degree clockwise... hmm.. technical problem i gues...~

me, chee n shan! pose pose!

we all wana go up there!! BUT they mcam say not enough time..or was it.. not safe to do so?? sigh.. we wana go gila gila there...~~=)

ah just so huge looking... n with bent 'nose' huhuhu

irn with the radar behind her~~ jaga owh irn~ later the plane folo u home...XD*nonsense! pure nonsense!!!*

grp pic! thanx ucingitam to take a pic of us~~ =) 17 students( 7 2nd yr EEE n 2 2nd year AP, 4 3rd yr AP n 4 4th yr AP, EEE-> electrical n electronics eng, AP-> applied physics) n 2 lecturers...dr voo n dr martin...

we the EEEs!!! from left to right... oz, lck, liang, sol/tui, irn, shan, chee~

fooling arnd~~hehe duno y si liang pulled my hair! n erm oz intimidate me with his water bottle? n irn holding her head up n sol/tui seemed like he abt to kiss her or sumthin..but he erm actually looking at her sjala.. n shan n chee were actually posing!!!! hahahaha nywayz...BIG THANX TO CE-PO-LE to help takin the pics...=)

after all those we had refreshments~~ got free drinks n tarts~ hmm.. we enjoyed the drinks more actually..hehe.. nywayz.. our trip to rba is just sooo brief...tat we didn have enough time to look arnd more.....!! syg~~~ they even asked y we dun go one whole day trip.. not tat we duwan..just tat... hmm i oso duno.. they arrange going at noon sjawa...so yeaa..

yep yep.. we relaxed...~~ not tat tiring..but abit hot sja... we enjoyed our trip.. we really do!

appreciating our lawatan here... but we appreaciate their hospitality laaa~~ its really nice.. they are friendly!! n we just clicked...heheehehe... RBA! *loves* wahahahaa =)

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