Sunday, August 17, 2008

pesta rakit klasik! preview only..=P

wahahhaaha today is sunday! 17.08.08!! n me rajin woke up early to go with parents for breakfast..n went there!!! XD saw as usual.. the many interesting designs n tactics they used in rafting... classic rafting? XD indeed some part of it is! for example.. throwing water balloons! n using pails n scoop river water n throoooooow!!! haha then some rafts overturned... this event is like robotech! with students challengin each other with their designed robots... but this?? companies vs each other n with their creative (n also engineering skills) ideas... they designed their own personal rafts.. wahahah~ its was entertaining la.. can only see this in kb...ppl! XD

not only u see rafting arnd.... u see cosplay~ XD gaaah they really creative la... hahaha n semangat!!! they dressed the part laa~ haha got chun li la, sakura, prison break style, pirates style, etc etc.... updates comin up.....soon!! by end of next week? hopefully? well the orientation pics...i nid more time ppl.. its just too many of them~ =P

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