Friday, August 15, 2008

mango cheesecake from patisserie cake shop

he got me dessert from patisserie cake shop~ cuz haven got my lunch or something.... there was this night... went there to see see look look... had this choc cake o something... it was heavenly!!! yuuuum! but a lil sweet...nywayz... it was nice laa...

anyhoots.... mango cheesecake~~~ hahaha lucky me! cuz when it was dad's bday.. sis got him mango cheesecake from makcikbakeshop.. but i never got the chance to eat it since i had to rush back to bandar for the orientation... n finally ate that flavour~~~

hehee lawa kan?? the pricing is in the normal range la... normal bandar yea.. its not bad...~ got inti inside lagi... mango flavour~ for more info of cakes from there....visit their website! =) thanx agn dearie~ XD

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