Sunday, August 24, 2008

post bday~

hmmmm my bday has gone by~~~ mcam sunset... XD apa me tokin... wahahhaa

soo yea.. im officially 21 years old.. a legal age...independent from parents... no restrictions..(theoretically speaking) hehe but still me parents' anak~~ wont be that free la... me also dont wish to break free tat much... haha..ah wells.. wat i have accomplished? eermm.. nuthin much..except to burden ppl~ uffft!!

as 'young adult'... i should learn to: more independent...
2.make decisions by my own even more...
3.DO NOT EVER PROCRASTINATE!!!! then then... more clear minded!!(im sure of my goals..but sumtyms i just tend to 'drift away'~ haaah~
5.control my intake of food.. me need to jaga badan~ XD(but i malas....ahh tats my next point)
6. be less malas!!!(hmm almost same thing with #3 gah)
7. hmm im out of ideas... i tend to think stuffs out when im in the thinkin mode.. atm im not really tat thinking... hahaha ah wells..~

on thurs nyt... QQ picked me up n went to swensen to celebrate bday with me n sis... syg he had to go early...due to some 'incident' at his work place... haah~ pengacaaau~~

ate arnd 80 something bucks~~ all three of us have our main dish.. then ordered appetizer, some chicken, caesar salad(with lotsa fried prawn, sotong, fish fillet) n had dessert... a fondue set!! nyum nyum nyum!!! QQ loved the ice cream~ yaaaay~ sis...melt marshmallow abit..hahha had fun la eating it...

QQ-> salmon n mushroom baked rice(not bad as usual)

LCK-> black pepper chicken pasta(abit forgot wat the real was just normal la.. black pepper wa.. reaaaally normal.. nothing special)

SIS-> sirloin steak(duno correct the spelling or not... this sucked! like totally! for 20bucks plus... totally not worth it.. n it was tasteless, kering, not the 'real' thing, not fresh! haha we even filed a complaint bout tat..(yea i was a lil more daring tat day...cuz the taste really inda nyaman~) well not complain la.. just give comment... -> still no discount tho..hehe ksian my sis.. she was like reminiscing the times she ate the 'real' steak at genting highland?

overall.. not bad... just the steak rosakkan the suasanaaaaa~~ gaaah~

sis n her ermmm cauliflower? the veggies...kinda normal..mcam rebuskan sja.. hmm... sis said.. she shall play safe next time in ordering dishes... =p but...we just love surprises...*rolls eyes*

there there rudolfo!!! gift from chee, shan, irn n mas...~ gaaaah~~~ my first tot when i saw it was.... its sooo uncle-ish!!! all the criterias!! got big tummy!!got red boxers!!(seems like it) got white hair!! XD but when i spend more time with him.. he is indeed adorable.. soft fur..... some parts like bean bags style(or whatever u all call it) then the heart shaped nose...the scarf...hehe thanx girls~ =)

see!! made frens with my purple puppy liaw~~~ heehehe they soo adorable~~ XD!! not lonely at all..~

on my bday!!! morning... cleanin campaign... gotta clean the 1st floor kitchen... one girl assigned there owedi sweeping the floor.. i duno wat to just wipe tables.. plus she bz tokin with her frens.. so yea.. then i clean my room.. n rest abit... play game abit.. (virtual villagers drive me abit crazy...gar!) then get ready for my date!! XD

when i walked down to lobby..he was waiting there.. then went to his car.. n unexpectedly saw..this huge box in the passenger seat..... hah! got cow n chocs inside! then hafta bring up to my room la.. i didn know wat to react...hahhahaa but happy! just tat a huge box like tat...caught ppl attention..ah wells... thanx!!! then went to watch wall-e... syok berabis!!!! haha cute really really cute~ then went to get dvds n dinner at millenium have buffet... the food not bad.. i quite like it.. nywayz... enjoyed n loved tat day~ *smiles widely*

took out all the chocs from the box... realised i most possibly wont able to abis... so went to any doors open in 2nd floor..n gave 4 'kisses' each.. gave to arnd 14 ppl..~ hehe got a grp of four.. sang bday song without knowing my name! haha it was nice la.. nice to see them so happy receiving chocs..XD ah..the power of chocs... hehe

they become instant frens!!! cow n doggy~~

rudolfo wants in too!!! hehehe... now now... u lil kids~~

on sat morning... went to fos to get my green form done.. n unexpectly... oz, sol n liang have something for me...!!! something from nici!!!

its just a duckie named paula... with no hands!!! but has BIG hair...!! XD seriously.. i duno how to react..but after some time.. after playin wit it... its fun!!! at first..make the hair neat neat.... then...SHAKE THE HEAD UPSIDE DOWN!!!!! n it gives a crazy crazy hairstyle!! tat resembles albert einstein(according to bro b) hehhee... THANX BOYFRENS!! n then chee has a BIG pressie too!! she has hippo!!!! that darn overly cute hippo!!! *envious* XD hehe nadawa... but they got her tat...really syok la to see tat...cuz chee wanted one n now...she got it! =)

ahhh paula~~ dun marah marah wa.. i syg u also la... i wont get envy k?? *loves* hehehe nywayz shan got a cat keyring from nici also... hahaha...btw chee commented... now my room is like a farm.. has a puppy, bear, cow n a duck!! now now... should i decorate my room? =D

n thanx thanx thanx for all of ur greetings ppl!! gah i didn know in facebook n friendster banyaaaak!! hehehe n thanx for sms-es me n lotsa mc(specially yusre!)n greeted me thru bloggie(such as chee's, ashley's, sisterhoodies) n RESCO ppl n passerbys!!!! n gaaah... love u ppl~~~ n yesh.. im officially old.... woooohhhoooooo!!!!!

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