Tuesday, January 1, 2008

hanging wit chee n shan in ogdc~

new year eve~ new year eve~~ n first thing woke up in morning.... brush teeth n bla bla bla ...waiting for chee chee to come!! then i made her wait for me.. huhu sowi ah~ n i made nyuk shan waited for us too~ im sowi too~~ i know..i know.. im considered slow among girls... wat to do... biasa to b slow owedi since b4 some my frens love to b fashionably late.. huuhuu~
before doing serious stuffs...its chow time! chee chee-> =P... shan-> *tahan not to laugh* -_-" ok...time to work!! actually i did mine liaw n they as newcomers...haven do... but ksian them eh... when they dun understand n tried to ask me... i forgot it too!! -_-" goshh me very lousy~~....

ways to straighten a rolled cardboard... chee-> roll it against her head n try to straighten it... or prefer jus d simple n normal way like shan..=P

interesting n a lil scary reptile... hahha first thing we all thought of.. ksian d fishes in d pond!! @_@

chee is d most rajin n pro person ever!! can do two things at a time... one hand.. holding d ruler n plannin to draw somethin....while d other... on her laptop...she was playin freecell..apparently she opened freecell n cudn resist to close it... so.... =D...relaxin wa we ppl~~ n owwh wireless detected there! so we went online n chat around also~ huhu

playin wit sepia n monochrome wit self timer~ eeee i love d pics...~

okok.... we r serious bout this gathering thingy to do this EN coursework! eyeer... d potato thingy soo difficult to understand... skipped to make d cuboid thingy~ ^_^

n again relaxing time n admiring yen chee's sis's phone's design~ lawaa~

time for one last pic of us for the day!n sent chee back home... n shan drove herself home... summary-> we spent almost 6 six in ogdc... @_@ n accomplished.... building d cut-off cuboic thingy~ ah wells... better than nothing!! =)

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