Tuesday, January 1, 2008

sunday time~

on sunday morning... went to yam cha with parents as usual.... when my dad went to site... saw pretty flowers around d area~ cudn resist but to snap some shots!
using colour accent again.. haha i really adore tat function~ huhu

enhanced more onto d red colour?

nothing special bout this pic... but post it up for the sake of some part of d greeneries... reminds me a lil of underwater stuffs~ huhu

rachel picked me up around 2... goshh lama tak jumpa syg!! hahaha.... went for lunch in wywy then online there also.. chose the spot where the sockets are~~ eeeeeee spent around 3 hours there?? @_@ rachel had to update her blog n at d same time we tried video cam n call felicia thru internet~~

trying to webbie cam.. too bad...it was very very lagging.... n we cudn hear each other at all...

next... tried to use phone call or something something... she can hear us but we cant hear her... we tried our best to listen..but it was toooo soft~ owhh...so to plan c! just use voice msg saja... convenient looor.... n felicia sounded so drunk! n very d chinese slang~ huhu

enjoying in wywy~ had fun with felicia... she is as crazy as ever!! cant wait to see yaa!!!!

at night... went to parents' friend bday party~ n when i wana eat d red egg... it was a lil smashed... n d colour got inside..n formed a webbie design?? ^_^


goshhh adorable lil kitty~~~ not little tho... he has weight around 6-7kg~ uwaaa... faaat~~~ but 'handsome' kitty... it has huge eyeeees!! @_@ n owwwh its fur is super duper extra soft n silky!!!!! X-D!! ah wells..... after not long.... balikz~

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