Sunday, January 13, 2008

uni is starting soon! like.... 2mrw!!! @_@

as usual i woke up late as usual...~ shoot... but ah wells.... dun care laa... errr in d afternoon went to grab d bandar pics from her n after few min... parents called n asked if wana go miri~ waseeehhhh of course me want!! hehehe so left my car at ray's place n they picked me up.... n miri!!! went to collect dad's camera lenses n he bought himself a 'baby boy'~ erm i oso duno wats d name for tat thing he bought.. but its for cameras... keeping them warm like tat la.... n erm did a lil shopping....*cny mood everywhere* n ohhh til my dad also cant tahan their songs... he was like ' dont they feel tired listenin to the songs like that?' ... i agree! it was ermm... annoying in a way when its overdose of d cny factor~ haiyooo
lovely flower~~~in d good taste bak kut teh restaurant...*non-halal*

went there for dinner... lama no eat bak kut teh ehh!! i only drink d soup n d mushroom n veggies..... didnt touch d pork at all.... me no like eat in tat way =( but still... d soup~~ hehehe n ermm... went jln agn... then balik by night... took the car in ray's place n went home....
now... its 3am in d morning.... just to update my blog.. i sacrifice my sleep just to blog.. sigh... bcuz uni startin like 2mrw!!! n i wont b active bloggin much liaw... soooo now just skaligus update berabis!! hahaaha... well ppl... i warn ya owedi ah.... i wont b updatin tat frequent liaw k? so just come back once in awhile n check my bloggie~ if anyone mish me.... my cbox!!! k??? leave msgs in ma cbox!! X-D!! hehe baaa good day to ya ppl!!! n i'll try to work hard in sem2! baaaa tataaaaatuts! ^_^

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