Friday, January 25, 2008

eee gathering

on thurs night... eee seniors+juniors bbq gathering in azri's place... followed jian liang's car.... convoy with safwan n d rest of d boys... first impression of where we headed to... chee-> i wana go home... me-> restaurant ah!! hahahahaha waddaheck?? nah we just mixed feelings eh... duno what to expect from this... hehe cuz its bbq maaa.... suddenly d set up was like neat n nice n stuffs... hahaha~ lawa laaa~~
good food! got fried rice, prawns, chicken, mutton, sausage, crab sticks n salmon with orange+carrot juice... worth d ten bucks we paid each~ hehehehe

we were there (except irnnie), seniors were there, few grand seniors were there.... azri's family members were there...(duh~) hehehe looots of ppl around laar

'a doting papa looking after his son'~ wahahahaha~~

payback time jian liang!!!!! HMPH!!!! bullied me so teruk tat night.... u teruk person~~~~ hehehe

an incident happened... something caught in fire la.... n well.... they took care of it... n luckily everybody was still safe~

nyeeeeh~~ singleshots of some of them~

jian liang's hand made rose using ferrero rocher's wrapper~ indeed gay! =D

some of the seniors.... with sol n shan can b seen laughin due to some 'reasons'! @_@ btw it was jian liang who took this pic... wat to do... he has a crush on someone within d pic.... =)

after eating puas puas.... went for a tour around azri's place.. n showed us his room.... wahliuuu so spacious!!! his bed ah... on d floor lagi... a lil of jap style~ ^_^

jian liang with his famous palm showing trademark~

in d spacious living room

posing wit k-e-w-t auzi!!! he was acting like d msn ozzy!!! cute cute cute!! kyaaa~~ hehehe.... n i kept telling him tat night.... tat jian liang bullied me... n he said;' umban...umbankan ia~' hahahaha my bloved ank sulong~~ =P

playing games... they were playing guitar heroes n wii ... ugh.. had to participate n lucky shan didn join any of tthose while me n chee played tennis... act a lil like a fool... hahaha i suck at playin games waaa... i jus observe..... -_-

a sad thing bout tat night was that... we spose to get together n know d seniors better o sumthin... but sadly we were divided into our own separate grps agn... juniors with juniors n seniors wit seniors... well...maybe its just that we r really shy kua??? tats y azri kept asking us to participate in games... but me inda sportin tat nyt....cuz i really duwan to play those type of games~~ X-P sorry waaaa~~ hehehe i'll try k?? nxt time...tat is... if there's nywayz we juniors syok sendiri jualaa~

some other ppl played guitar.... it was good!! they played most of d songs tat we like~ hahahhaa nice la to listen to~~ ^_^

tried to escape the game thingy by going outside d living room~ hehe

but still... not bad laaa... i guess? if we all r active enough...mayb we myt hav more fun???? =D

oooo d toilet!! hahaaha a small room.... but we were shocked by it for awhile...cuz got stairs.....! n first thing... i was like... 'wah... when u fall, ur face will reach d toilet bowl eh' -_-" wahhahaha sorry agn azri.... dont mind la k?? hehe if u mind.. find me personally!! wawawa wat me talking...-_- its 2am here in miri n im still rajin updeating tho im sleepy.. ngeeeh~

he has sooo many magnets on d fridges laaar~ nice!! hehee.. n nywayz we left around 10.45pm jus because... d female hostel's gate closes at yeaa... left by then! but auzi n sol stayed back still playin la.... good for them boys!! no curfew!!!

for more pics.... pls go to ang ang's bloggie-> ~ atm only his blog got updates bout it la.... chee chee myt blog bout it too? so check her bloggie out too!! =)

at d very same night, irnnie's lil cousin passed away... we knew her cousin was sick but i just knew it from d bulletin post from frienster.... it's as follows:
Dina Farhana Binti Hj Effendy kembali keRahmatullah pada 24/01/2008, pada jam10.35pm, malam jumaat. Selamatdikebumikan sebelum Fardhu Zohor padahari Jumaat..Semoga ditempatkan dengan anak2Solehah... Amin~Sedekah kan Al-Fatihah."Hanya doa yang dapat kami berikan,tetapi Allah lebih menyayangi mu..."Assalamualaikum..

our condolences to her~

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