Monday, January 28, 2008


another crazy day in campus.... specially when me n irnnie were talking 'loudly' of someone when suddenly he was just in front of d lift in fos! gosh we were soooo malu... that i was covering my face using d green form i was holding tat time n irnnie with my a3 graph ppr.... we were so shocked!!n we laughed our ass off after tat!! ugh nvmla if he heard us... i think...? -_- in d afternoon, during d 3 hr class... we were syok'king sendiri in d lab doing our work.... n jian liang won d manual 'photocopy-ing' skills of d day~
after d lab... terus zoom to miri wit ma sis to attend a wedding.... parents were there owedi~ n food was good...n noticed d bride's way of walking-> swayin from one side to another...@_@ overly swaying arnd...0_o... ngeh... then spent d nyt online in d hotel's lobby wit my sis... n slept~

owwhhh i'll just post random pics saja.... the pics above were taken by my sis n they looked a lil erm... scary? hmmm~

this caught my attention!! d english caught mine n d chinese caught my sis's~ 'kucing jadi HARIMAU!!!!!' from 'miaw' to 'raaaaar'~~ @_@ LOL!!!! omigoshh..... who would have thought of a cat turning into a tiger in 'that' sense??? X-D

we were impressed by how neat they were arranged~ couldnt resist but to take pics of them~ =P


n noticed that d fishes' tails were chopped n sticked onto d wall... n somemore they draw faces!!!

hmmm long queue~~ but got back safely... n time to go for classes hours later...-_-

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