Friday, May 29, 2009

awww food~

uploaded some pics n not bothered to update yet... least i made an effort in sumthin uh..well... not benefitting me? @_@

leftover sushi! sandwich sumthin..i duno... tat time... we(me n the girlfriends) ate at excapade n were sooo full that we cudnt gobble that in.. now looking at it...yummy...-_- wana eaaat~

in TPH~ haahaha i was shocked when my drink came...its sooooo cute!! strawberry milk o sumthin..n its only $1.50! =D

haha irene's masterpiece!!! sooo extremely cute!! n its her packing for pressies for bday girls!!! creative ehhh~ ireneeee *flying kiss*

*gasp* wats thissss!! hahaha irnnie's soto!! XD irn, liang, oz, sol n i were in lab la... n when i heard irn was going to have soto at home..i was like...TAPAAAU! n she did!! love u irnnieeeeeeee~~~ i gobbled it down quick til irn was like.. ehh cepat jua makan? =p

there was another pack...that no one i took it back home n had it for dinner~ *yuuums* sighhh me waant mooore hahaha~

just now... went to ubd fos as usual.. stayed in lab.. then arnd 5 there was this japan trip meeting.. n came back home around 8.40pm~ n was slacking arnd...watching movies..n this movie in star movies...'waitress'.. NICE! i like! sumthin different i guess.. the characters...were... duno ah.. i like la... go try n watch it! its kinda bittersweet but the ending.. it was..lovely...~=)

gaaaah this late owedi! nid to sleep ahhh!! cant afford to fall sick nowwww!! toodles ppl~

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