Saturday, May 30, 2009

bday bday~

today.. woke up arnd ten n went out with mom to settle stuff.. n came back n changed n shan n siew chee picked me up.... to thai buccaneer for wei kee's bday lunch! apparently it was a buffet thingy~ n the food was okay la.. not that 'thai-ish'... less than 25 ppl were there..~ hehe n after eating.. had a cake... there! happy 21st bday wei kee!

waseeeeh~ make wish!! =D hope it would come trueeeee!! =D thanx for the lunch! enjoyed it =)

bday girl n some of her guests... n wei sen~~ our...'guy'~ XD

after that.. siew chee, chee, shan n i went back to shan's place sending siew chee back beforehand.. long last! stepped into shan's place! n her dogs are scary!! specially this dog..which could open doors...@_@ scared eh me!! when shan*t!thats the dog outside! i terus jump on top of the bed.. *shrugs* hahaha then we waited for wei sen to pick us up to go bandar just to watch night of the museum 2! ended up watching in the mall... verdict?? it was good!n i never watch the part 1... amazingly this part 2 is good la...cuz normally.. sequels arent that nice to watch wa..hehhee ->i am Kah-Mun-RAAhHHHH~ he is my fav character thru'out the movie... duno.. maybe he seemed gay to me...XD well there are too many funny parts..the castings were gooood~thus its good!! so go watch it urself!!

uffft..latteee owedi agn!!! gah nid to sleep now... n wakey 2mrw to inject myself! wheee~ *signed out*

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