Tuesday, May 26, 2009

postpone la

gosh.. i just nid semangat to update...haha been slacking... on monday n tuesday.. been in bandar.. sigh.. the next two days too i guess... hmm.. not sure abt 2mrw... cuz no car no transport...sighh.. ah wells.. if got time.. i'll post the pics from last friday nyt... the girls as shown in the pic above... we all overnight in empire!! wasehh..first time.. n the experience... was..nice! =D hahaha fun but hurts financially somehow =p well.. nid to resize those pics.. so yea... hafta be rajin!! owh lck!! be rajin like u used to! XD

*ahh shan~ i still think of that baju in the mall..the mini shop near the archade~ XD*

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