Wednesday, May 27, 2009

robo robooo

heavy duty schedule for robotech!!! work every mon-thrus n saturday!!! gaaaah i nid car to travel arnd freely!!! n a place to stay!!!! i duwan hostel..!! its too sad to be alone there!!! n somehow scary!!! if i need someone to tok to,.. tidak ada!! -_- so now.. thinkin how to survive.. hmmm july n august..maybe can stay in rimba area *subject to change* but wat abt this month n next month? -_- ah wells.. wat to do.. totally crazy with the schedule la..its soo packed! hmm for clearer look..please click on the image to enlarge... forgive me for the overly exposed pic... haha but at least can see~ hmmm n then bjfa gona be active lagiii...-_- seela.. but i do prioritise this robotech plang...! haaa...tho i cant help with least i can contribute my mouth..somehow..XD

*warning: winding road ahead! -_-*

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