Sunday, May 24, 2009

its half holiday

ooops dr liya the first pic on mi blog~ =D hahah he was looking thru the 'door' that irn liang oz n i were working on for his project, smart home. hmm these holidays.. hafta rajin abit to balik ubd to help out la...but back ubd...means...meeting the lecturers that i felt guilty... because i did badly for their pprs..n i just dont feel like communicating with them! =O but oklaaaa XD

ooooOOooOH~ ah liang!! sooo 'yeng' ahhh! *swooons* XD

introducing htc diamond1 and diamond 2!! belonging to that girl n that guy! =p

ahhh robotech is sooon! so here we are decided who do what n stuff...hmm~

ahhh! i like this video! nice nice pls enjoy it!!!its a song..stand by me~ =)

uh oh... i suddenly thought of wanting to eat maggi i stayed at home instead of going hashing! XD waddaheck with meeee~ lazy as ever!

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