Saturday, May 30, 2009

empire empire empireee yaaay!

last friday, mas,shan,chee, shiau yinn, siew chee n i stayed in empire hotel!! wheee! i was sooo anticipating abt this sleepover!n it did not disappoint me! it was =D! haha this was the view in the veranda outside our room~

well.. i departed from my place arnd 12.50? n picked shan, sc n sy n went terus to empire while mas picked chee up to empire... n here we are..tired in a way.. checking in arnd 2 n checking the place out la~

this is the well...duh~ tv n desk n everything else common~ very normal la.. we were alil disappointed in the 'size' of the living room~ small la..~

but thewashroom... wheeeeeeeee!! it was so goodlooking! hahahha *sakai* got 2 sinks n separated cubicles in between the shower n the toilet!! n got a bath tub lagi..but we didnt touch o use the bathtub at all...syg eh~

goodies found in the washroom~ wasehhhh besides the usual shampoo, conditioner n body shampoo, there's lotion, hand sanitizer n 2 sets of toothbrush with toothpaste n one accessory kit! ufft... lucky mee! i forgot to bring toothbrush n shampoo n stuff...! so it was very convenient... n they had 2 towels n bathrobes there too~ =)

the goodies bar~ those with prices tagged on it..a definite 'no-touch zone'! XD look at the price n u'll understand what i mean.. too bad we didnt bring alcohol..haha got a bucket n supplies of ice to chill that wine bottle~ =)

there were complimentary kuih-muih placed on that mini table. we were all sakai.. thinking whether it was still 'fresh' or 'expired'..nevertheless we ate them all!

XD everyone hanging out on the same bed..

while sc had the whole bed to herself!!

n my first time experience...of cos sakai abit..thus take pictures laaa!

tho we were too early and the weather was too hot for swimming... there were nothing we could do but to swim!! so we went swimming... it was goooooood!!! =D i enjoyed it very very much! sorry no pics arnd the pool cuz didnt take the camera down..~ n we spent a few hours in the pool ahhaha.. n ahh the jacuzzi was good la... then went to the pool.. n btw... i learnt how to swim abit! haha at least im moving! just tat my head is never out of the water...which is nooot good for the body~ lack of oxygen kaliah! XD then me n sy used the bath robe n apparently we looked like...'tai tai'..mcam... rich ppl wives la type..hahha

advertise shan's lil pouch! XD me like...~~ haha then after swimming we went to shower n got ready for our dinner in excapade~

there we were in the elavator~ ahh chee was not in sight! -_- n i looked pregnant! XD i think the ppl who posed just right was mas n sy!

nah a pic of me n me alone! xD with two sexy bodies behind me as deco! =D

up up awaaaay~pretty girls on the escalator~~ yuum! =D hahah forgive me... i am very the hungry atm~ =D

reached excapade!! this time... we got the 'room'! yea i shall avoid calling this 'room' as 'cabin' owedi! once i called in to book a 'cabin' and they thought my name was kevin...-_- U TINK GOT GIRLS NAMED KEVIN?? (to my knowledge..nada i heard girls being given that name...)

a group pic~ great food..great company..except for our 'overly-friendly' neighbour who sat opposite our 'room'... they were being sooooooo extremely LOUD n inconsiderate! tho its ur bday... yayy.. u can celebrate.. but ALL thru'out keep talkin to each other with a projected voice?? n when u gossip... u sounded like u just hafta have everyone in excapade to know what you wana gossip abt o sumthin? n ahh.. when the guys went away.. the girls.. actually werent that loud owedi.. WOW.. were u all tryin to show the guys u were 'something'? -_- pathetic~ ah wells.. not only us complained abt them la.. the other neighbour also 'beh-tahan' with them... haaa~ but nvm.. its kinda like an entertainment~ at least there were 'stories' we could hear~ =p

owh thanx to the waiter who took this pic for us...but then ah.. freaked me out alil because after when he said thank you, pls coming agn, etc etc, he actually said.. love you! -_- n some waiters n waitresses laughed~ haha n the tone ahh.. flirty!! *shurgs* haha

after excapade.. we walked around the mall to digest the food in our overloaded tummy~ n after walking and walking... the girls wanted to have desserts in swensens.. after that.. we wanted to watch movie.. the uninvited..but it was alil too late... that we decided to just go back empire and watch it in the empire cinema... thus we went back empire hotel~

somehowww... the show time for tat movie was alil too late.. luckily i brought my laptop... n sc returned my dvds.. so we watched 'the mist' instead~ during 25% of the movie.. we wanted popcorn.. so we went to the empire cinema with the staffs bringing us using that small car..! buggie o watever tehy call it.. it was fun!! joy ride~ XD n we got ourselves yummy popcorns.. n the movie.. was good for me... but the ending is just suckie...~well unpredictable laa! after tat... we watched clips of victoria secret fashion show... =D then we sleeeep~

woke up arnd 8.. just to go swim agn...~ well i only have a far away view of the pool we swam in from our veranda...~ i enjoyed swimming ahhh~ tho its not the 'proper' way~ haha

ahaa! posed with our front door leading to our room~ =)

our breakfast? pop mie! or wat we call... mee in my cup thingy thing! hahaha it was good~~ after swimming n eating sumthin warm *slurps!*

chee! cute! hahahaha wat were u doing ahh?

group pic of us in the room~ showing.. we were here!n we stayed in empire hotel! haha its a big deal to me.. cuz... stayed over in a hotel in brunei where ur home is just an hour drive away??? *nuts*! XD well.. indulge once in awhile la... so just very much..broke!

packed our stuffs n ready to leave the place.. i just hafta vain abit waa!

hahaha reflection of me, chee n sy~ =)

overnight for one night n it seemed like our packing is for a few days trip to kk..=D

took more pics! n off we went back home right after leaving empire... =) it was just... a good experience! =) wana overnight agn?..err..wait til i got money next time agn~ hahaha love u ppl~

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