Monday, May 11, 2009

a quick post

ahh lama no update blog due to my absence at home~ XD has been staying in hostel wa...n now can update cuz im stealing kristy's lappie n broadband to online~ muahaha nola.. i 'jaga' her stuff... ah wells... these days... ups n downs...mostly downs... hurt someone alot too... sigh... n my papers? so very good n one very bad! =( SIGHHHHH

one of my 'pleasures' XD well.. ppl should know what this is! haha i showed this to my sis.. she was like... ahh appear in the sad sad movie one..XD then the technicians..they were like... the grave of the fireflies? *nods* haha i think so too when i saw it..terus i bought it..

haha i know its suppose to be exam time.. but to buang stress?? nid to do stuff haha... yea kristy my hairdresser...ahemm! im not tat aunty look kua? compare to sc that time muahaha *ooppps sorry s.c~ i love u~ XD*

there there lemme hug u~ =D

hmmm im been eating rocks lately...=p shoot la... duno y this is in my food for lunch~haha nvm...extra flavouring sja... luckily i didnt swallow it~

while studying... im just tooo ..duno la... daydreamed alot... then draw here n there..this was on the hostel room's table..muahhaa

this is on my notes.. hmmm i havent study for my exam on wednesday ahh! been 'enjoying' the company n movies *aheeem*

haha before i love drawing frontal i love side face..muahahha gaaah missed my drawing rarely draw..if draw also... draw face sja...-_- nvmwa..buang stress sja..hehe

there another pic of meerkat! hhahaa it looks scary here~~

naaah! complained nada ur picture... here laa! esehhhh pretty girl~ she has been feeding me really really well in hostel... everyday never miss breakfast n dinner together...haha yeaba i wont order fish n chips anymore!!! which took one hour to cook... *grumbles* then then... free food like midnight snack kolomee....or the jollibee burger or the kfc zinger burger... hahaha gained weight like what..but nvm!!! lets lose them during the holidayssss!!! hehe love u! XD

baba update til here sja... just a random post to break the silence of my sad sad blog... =D

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