Friday, February 1, 2008

kristy's room

its been awhile agn... n yesh i get to update! nywayz this is a special post just for kristy~ its her bday present! hehehe she requested for a post showing her room's condition in d hostel... ah wells. here it goes!

ok... how do i start this.... but what can i say?? its her room here~~ X-D and from there can u spot something?
yesh its her undie lyin on d floor~ @_@ n yesh i got permission from her to post this *ahem* pic of her sexy undie here~ she was like-> i have no idea how my undie got there.... when i woke up.. it was on the floor!!.... booowh kristy! wat did u do ystrdy night tilu cant remember a thing ah??? =P *jk*

her desk n book shelf~

her stock makanan!

on her bed! naah cant blame her wa... it was her bday tat time... so gifts put here n there laaa...

her accessories~ (there are more actually... but didnt take pics of them..=))

a pressie~ with a me-to-you bear~ X-D

more of her gifts... actually the balloons are 3 heart-shaped balloons with 20 tic tacs attached to it... very creative n nice!

a wallet ....if im not mistaken...

still i couldnt resist that pretty heartie balloons with d yea..... took pics of them agn~ btw kristy adores cats...=D

naah enough of d gifts.... lets see other stuffs... owh this was her lamp o fan? shoot i totally forgot what it was... but its cute with d lil heart-shaped stickers~

this is drawn by her classmate.. n yea she posted it on d wall... cute eh d drawings?? ^_^

pics in her room~ i love dat pic with her hand.... its very....erm...*speechless* me likey!!

last but not least.... close up on her(right-hand side) hehehe stay gorgeous babes! =D sorry ah if i didn potray more onto ur messy room?? but yeaa a few pics of them sufficient liaw kua?? right?? hehe hope u get to see this post sajala...baaa cya arnd hostel!

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