Thursday, February 14, 2008

cny 3rd day~

uwaaa finally get to update... batah owedi this one... its on d third day of cny.... d seniors came down to seria for cny... ok... first stop.. wan foo's place...

hehe azri n safwan's brotherly love... wat to do... azri older than safwan by one day! hehe n me n chee actually went to anna's place pai nien first then to wan foo's place... n irnnie brought two of her frens over...~

errr azri!!wats so funny? u look ermm... *readers u all think wat u all wana think la...=P*

malay seniors! fooling arnd~~ well actually azri wanted safwan to join him to do d pose he did earlier(d pic above) n well ended up.... ermm.... fooling arnd saja... nyehee~ pssst! safwan! u look erm... good looking?? lol!

see?? kah wee is also laughing at u~ =D

n azri.... jaga ur maruah waa.... if u wana pee.... u go toilet la.... no need flash in front of d gals n specially safwan....ur tryin to 'show off' ur assets ka??~ @_@

smart ppl...(?)

ladies ladies~

this time.... went to jian liang's place.... n as usual..these two bz takin pics of this n tat n tat n this... hmm i wonder wat did safwan saw? ling's bangkang kaki???(eh y u never post up ling's ultimate err sexy pose punya pic ah?? =P)

eh jian liang didn hide his face anymore~~ good! hehe

this one.... azri was conducting an experiment... a food experiment.... cheesecake+ seaweed(wrapped arnd d cheesecake) + acar on top??? it was very very disturbing for me...@_@ n he was like'nyaman! like seriously!' then moments later.... he sat down... n when he tried to get up... he lose his balance n amost fell.. we kept teasing him tat he's mabuk from d food experiment... n tat made him really quiet.... ksian him~~ hehee

d girls agn~

enjoying ourselves...~

safwan... u seriously look like a kid!!! the pic was blur cuz.... i was laughin waa... that's y cant focus properly~dont sulk safwan~ *syg syg* =)


now 3 kids playin 'building blocks' using mahjong tiles

irnnie~~ cute!! hahhaa well in my place owedi this... n yes i know... my place is small... warned u all owedi but u all said ok wa.. so me ok lor... hehee.. nvm.... make us all 'closer' -_-

they were bz takin pics... n i think they were takin d pics of d tree trunk thingy with my family name in it.... i forgot who said it but...she said... 'mayb they wanted to b 'part' of ur family' -_-

this is how crowded it was.... some ppl hafta sit....

n agn... gals n guys divided into 2 grps.. girls on right hand side n guys left hand...ohh azri n safwan exceptional.... they were guardians of my tv...=)

next stop! chee's place in lumut!! haha this pic is a reply to safwan's bloggie's post... of all things he noticed the green ball... so i specially dedicate this ball to him..=)

anna~~ ur now like back in kuching... sigh... will cya soon, leng lui~~ ^_^

more leng luis!!

d 'brothers'~

this is what u call a 'love rectangle'~ kw interested in ang..but he seemes sooo into ling... n ling thinkin bout wan foo n wan foo feels d same too~ @_@

after eating n watchin movie... irnnie had to go cuz she n her gals had something on in bandar...thus.... balik awal~~ n i see azri at d back~~

not long after.... d whole chinese gang left too! we thought they were stayin a lil longer so we could play lami...but tak jadi... plus...if they stayed longer.... got non halal food to eat too...~ but ah wells... we 3 girls enjoy ourselves saja..=)

we also had photoshoots... hahhaa was playin arnd with my slr wa~

pairing up~! but i didn pair up with anna~ =( n for ur information.... chee is abt the same height as anna... but then she bend a lil to appear shorter than anna~ =P

ok... (remember d pic of najib n ak. at d beach wit d kay sticking out from d sand?) this pic... (not me but someone else!) rminded her of them la!! d wooden banana!

chee n her place~~

ok... me n anna feel in love with her lamp!! so cute!! no switches o buttons... u just tap it with ur finger n it lights up! second tap... brighter n third tap... d brightest! n fourth... it closed

at night time... went to teraban for open house.. hehehe as usual when im a lil bored... i'll jus take pics~

cute! they hanged this on d branches~~ well i wish everybody be safe too~

d fireworks tat was gona use tat nyt!! its tat tall! big big frework~~

yellow colour!! we were all sakai saka-ing with d colour~ lawaa~~

papa n sis turn to post~~

my turn! well... i look erm... dark.. lol~~

mama n sis n hash kaki's'

firework time!!!! this seriously made me think of d canada leaf~~ pretty~~~

this ... spider webs!! =D

ermm....a bird chasing after d light~

this looked like in d galaxy where u can see d stars n etc etc~

this was d biggest one of all!! flew so high up in d sky~~ there was another big one... but it was too bright... tat its shockin... hehe nada me post it here~

hehehe d firework shootin up to d sky~~ sigh wonders of d world...~~ thing like tat.. able to make such pretty lights up in d sky~~

d mess along d road...~ i think d fireworks cost totally arnd 1k? hehehe n yesh i regretted... regretted on not videocammin it instead!!!

after all those... a bottle of budweiser to cool off~ aah~ hehe

yesh i got one!! hehee

this boy was bored (i think) tat he used his mama's handbag n fool!

karaoke!!! all old old chinese song.. but still enjoy la... know how to sing some.... i think?? =) ba tats al for now~~

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