Saturday, February 16, 2008

cny in kw's place

its wednesday! n its time to pai nien agn... this time over at kah wee(mr T)'s place.... woke up quite late n tried to do p6 assignments but failed to do so..-_- not realising it... it was noon~ then irnnie picked me chee n shan over to fos... n followed kw's car to his place... his place is sooooo far away~~~ n otw im not sure whose car(ling or ang) was like racing beside kw's car...n freaked us out! duno la~ luckily nothing happened...
reached his place safely n boooy his place is huuuuge!! n food was ready for us!!!!! yaaaaay!!!!! we all were really hungry la... n yeaaa got full~

but moooost nyaman is d dessert... longan with almond thingies~~ ^_^ n had some ubi thingies....~

cool stairs in d 1st floor~~ it leads to somewat the attic...but its gym upstairs....~~ nice nice~

enjoying ourselves there...~~ we didn wana leave d seats there cuz it was comfy plus d dessert was placed jus in front of me! so i could take more servings~~ wawawaaa~

azri's ic!! uwaaaaa he sooo young!!!!! lol!

ahhh d 'attic'~ so spacious!!! got personal gym la personal movie theatre~ n more space.... mayb for sleepovers or somthing... d only problem is tat.... its hot! =P

ahh playin cards time~ fooled arnd with them then played blackjack la kura kura la... ngeh~~ n owwh got to play fortune telling thingies with d cards... started night b4 wed i tink? i suddenly remembered d trick n they had fun with it! =P quite true at times u know~~ for more info...pls ask me personally..=)

soya pudding or something... nice!! not bad~ hehee wani in d background eating n chee's eyes~~ n owwwh drg one time.... there were actually ants all over the cap of d soya pudding...iiiiiiii!! jijik! geli! kambangy kambing buluieee~~ -_-

girls will b girls~ love takin pics~ =D

safwan takin pics of us ~ moments later ling sat there readin some mags... hahahha cuz we were watching spongebob n he wasnt interested ^_^ it was my first time watchin spongebob til abis n it was quite funny la...its stu~~~

azri making a disgusted face to me~ n wani trying to slap me???? @_@

i dun think he realised he's also inside this pic..=P

spending time watchin tv...~ while some d guys gamble n chit chat~

time to tour another part of his place... his bedroom!! he has such a cute cutie bedsheet!!! kyaaaa~~ winnie the pooh of all things....~ X-D

makin ourselves comfy in his room.... azri bz playin golf n ling sittin very comfortably on his couch with erm.... chee sitting so near to him~ kyaaa got something between u two ah?? hearts together n together gether~??? wahhahahahaa(to those who didn get it.. its alright... its our code msg~ =D)

on d back of his door.... can see he a big disney fan..=)

tour to his reading room.... heeee has many many many books n books n books!!! but i dont read...hehhee ah wells... as long as shan chee irnnie enjoy lookin at them i enjoy too! cuz so syok see them 'teruja' lookin at d books... hahaaa~~

stayed there for almost 4 hrs n enjoyed it!! sooo big thanx to kah wee!!! n his family for preparing things for us~~^_^

now now safwan... u took lotsa pics liaw eh~~ hehe nah a pic for u! =)

1 female senior eee n 4 female junior eee~

hmmm took this for fun! cuz lama me no see basketball ring~~~ so me sakaaaaai~ =P

uwaaa azri reached it!!! he tall!!!! n i can only reach at most three quarter of the basketball tiang.. tat short...

otw back~~ i didn realise irnnie's car have a roof tat can open~ cool!!!! we so sakai la... when she slde it open... we were like...'woooooo!!!' n when she open d glass... we went..'aaaah!!!' X-D!!! lama me no sit in such car~~~

pointin up to d sky!! =) nah just a lamp post at d road side~

ahh from azri's slr.... =) this is when we first arrive to his place...

chomp chomp awaaaaaaay!!

n more chomping to do!!!!

ohhh from this onwards its from safwan's slr.... ksian azri.... he forgot to charge his battery so his battery went dead! ksian him~~~ he seemed like he was suffering from... not takin pics!! hehehe i know how u feel~ i ever experience it n its didnt feel nice~~ ah wells..... we posed in the personal movie theatre~

me!!! but err i duno wat me doing~=D

vainin n me takin safwan's pic back!

before we left.... grp pic!!! =) n shoot.... can see how erm petite i am...@_@

informal grp pic...

nice pic!!! but a lil blur~~~ hehee cant believe how fast we terus bond with d seniors~ =D

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