Monday, February 25, 2008

miz did bungee jumping!

this is a conversation between me n miz who just did bungee jumping for a charity arnd an hour ago?? and judging from her tone.... surely it was fantastic!!! a very syok experience!! hehehe here how her conversation goes... i deleted my part so tat its solely her expression! enjoy =)

fuckin' 'ell. fuckin' bath. i did it! i bungee jumped!! woohoo~~~ i'm still alive. Thank u God,thank u everybody hu prayed4me! says:
i did it leonggggggggggg



still highhhhhhhhhhhhhh

so highhhhhhhhhhhhhh

so thrillinggggggggggggg

the hardest part was letting go of the cage

and leaning ur body out of da cage..

i love u

i love kb

i love bunai

bunai siuk!

the scary bit aftr letting go was: not feeling the rope

then u feel the rope catch u

then u go up again..

then down..

not feeling the rope..

then up..


then swing

swinging!! loved the swinging bits!!!!


i kept screaming woohoo everytime i changed direction when i swung

then i got bak safely to the ground

and guess what i did?

i jumped up n down still with the harness n everything

just like a hyper child with high sugar lvl!!!!!!!!


then one of the rag members asked: would you do it again?

i said: no..


of course yes!


i was still yelling and screaming woohoo and jumping up and down

going: i did it! i did it!!!!!!!!!!


at first i actually argued w/ the guy:

this thing isn't stable!

this thing isn't stable!

u r NOT going to let me go!

and he went: no im not letting u go yet.

he opened the side of the cage...

then asked me to walk to the edge...

i was going: u r NOT letting me go yet!

im noto jumping yet!

i held on to the side of the cage..

I: im not going forwards.

He: yes u r. everybody went forwards.

I: u r NOT letting me go yet!

he went: look, i m not prepared to get wet for u.

it was cloudy.. abt to rain

then he said: do u want to do this:

i went: YES!

r u sure?


1, 2, 3, bungee.

and i jumped, i didnt lean forward, i just let my feet go down first

instead of going head first

then i felt as if i was weightless..

no mass..
no weight..

no gravity..

then urgh. felt the rope, went: thank God.

then up i went, then DOWN, i screamed: no! not again!cant feel rope! no!

then the rope

then swinging

then thought: hey..

this is..


this is FUN!!!!!

so started yelling woohoo~ over n over

cud see buildings and other stuff going past

it was awesome..

i kept my eyed OPEN thruout!!!


mana siuk tutup mata

inda tia thrill


hahaha hidup!

hidup bunai!

ada certificate!!!!

nanti i show the WHOLE bunai!!

yeehaaa anak bunai iduppppppp

yeps.... that's d story of a bruneian...who survived d bungee jump!!! a brave lad!! i salute!!! see when...i would looove to try it!!! =D

miz~~~~ *mishes* xoxo!!

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