Friday, February 1, 2008

labuan trip

on wednesday (30.01.08) we en 1201 design n innovation grp went for a field trip to labuan's schlumberger.... so had to go early to fos.... arnd 6am me, chee n shan walked there... otw there... dr jaidi saw us n waved at us!!....twice!!! shoo... not a good all.... shoots

ooooo it was so hot there!! we wore smart if we really are going for work interview... plus no wind arnd d area... -_-

after waiting n waiting.. voilaa!! d ubd van was there to pick us up!! btw irnnie was a lil late... we so takut tat she cudnt make it... hehe

our teruk faces in d early morning...~~

we reached d port!!! wasehh we all are just sooo smart looking laa...~

aaawww... chee fixing jian liang's tie... both stripe lagitu~ husband n wife~~~ hehehe

the chem ppl! (the chemical brothers + chef- chemical female)

the EEE's'~~

time to go!! owh btw d ferry was late!! d tix said it departs at 7.30... but we masuk by 8 n depart only by 8.30... sasat eh we waited... we woke up so early laaar~

iskandar, schlumberger representative, dr martin n dr frank~ (dr liyanage was bside iskandar)

still got time to post before going into d ferry

seri anna!!! eseh sylvester model here ehh~

uwaaaaa charming guys!! i mean smart guys ehh~

we three ladies!

seri anna! quite okla... quite spacious i tink... hehe

dr frank! mr universe~~ har-har-har!!

eseeeh... so got 'feel' ah.... hehehe.. its actually quite relaxing there.... ^_^

very busy occupied camera ppl~~ hahahhaa we camwhored lke wat ehhh tat day!! hehee

group pic at d back of d boat... with some absentees.... think they were still sitting downstairs.

notice d uniqueness of d pic?? hehe me,chee,shan were shadin ourselves from d sunlight while irnnie n wei wei were in d shade la.. lawaa~~

us agn!!!

owwwh d 'roller-coaster' like thingy thing

candid pics... hehe auzi was eating pop mie when d boat swayed like wat!! haha ksian him eh... he really got a lil sea sick... -_-

so ksian him!!! he cudn tahan so he went to d back n sit there alone... but since got busybody ppl like me there... we went to kacau him~

kewt!!! extremely cute!! hahaha when he 'mabuk' we can just post wateva with him... hehehe

saiful! the poser!! hehee


by not realising d time.... we hav reached labuan!!! hehe so excited laar

before going on land... still had time to take pics.... this is a cute pic... cuz actually its started from takin a pic of shan.. then chee joind... then wei wei joined... then suddenly albert n basil joined in!! hehehe


them checking their pics out~~

horray!! we r alive!! we survived d ride!! hehehe *hugs*

in labuan port!!

on the way to the port to 'declare' ourselves~

we r in msia borders!!!

sakai-ing arnd...=P

in d bus! otw to schlumberger!

in slb(shortcut for schlumberger) had welcome speech n briefings on safety issues n presentations on well services...

ok.... we r now officially geeky!! hahaha nadawaa.... its d googles that made us... erm....*speechless* hahaha funny laaa!!

crazy look~ hahaha sigh... im not complaining la... its my 'future' regular outfit waa...-_-

took us arnd d place n tell us briefly whatever they are for... btw ...d lecturers were askin quiestions under d darn happy smiling sun there.... wahliuu... owedi so hot.... plus need to stand for soo long... plus i almost had blisters wearing d 'loose' boots.... very not comfy.... n no socks to use!! @_@

eseeeeh future working ppl~~ n ooooowh!!!!

pssst i noticed someone very very adorable!!! hahhahahahahaa jian liangis sooooo cute~~~ some ppl commented tat he looked like a fireman... but for me.. he looked like a kindergarten japanese kid... wearing cap n raincoat~ hehehe

in d lab.... ooops i took this pic with d flash on!! by accident la.... n when i saw d pic.. i giggled a lil while he was in front.. i tink he terasa ehh.... -_- sorry waa~

eseeh still got time to pose with sol in d slb dining hall

stripping time!!! ish my shirt was sooo wet... terukss~~ didn bring extra baju kagitu... nvmla... dun care liaw....

d food!! not bad not bad!!! n soft drinks la

yesh makan time!! at tat moment... there was this 'interesting' movie in hbo.... bout this obsessed mommy wannabe or something?? freaky~~~

there were more talking n we had to fill this 'pakat' forms... n 4 prizes to b given.... all caps.... n im one of them!! errr i dont wear caps laa...-_-

grp pics!!! hehehe each of us got one organiser... not bad la.... i thought its filled with looots of goodies!! d goodie bags i mean.....

otw to d bus to send us over to d ferry port.... eseh... jian liang look like big boss!! =P

their labuan base~~ not a bad trip... i tink?? except d times when dr frank asked sooo many questions which we didn understand to d slb representative...

wave goodbye to them!! we will see each other agn..... how?? they r comin to ubd in june for a talk...

only when we left d place.... we saw d welcome banner...

view arnd labuan... this lawaa! i tink? hehee

had time to duty free shop n shop for.... *ahem* liquors!!! n d rest mostly chocs la.. some didnt buy..... consider cheap la there...

on board!! n we had pop mie!! thanx auzi for lanja-ing us!!! X-D!!!

ok... n agn saiful was in a very 'promising' pose... nyehehhee~ so tempted to push him down to d sea... -_-"

yosheeee vote for them!!!! most eligible errr workers??? hahaha duno wat me toking ...~

wasehhh... really so syok sitting there like tat....^_^i want too! but... a lil scared....hehe

its d... pushin ppl towards auzi game!!!hahhaa dunola apani ah.. hehe ksian auzi.... he was feeling sea sick agn...

its a very sad day for some couples too~ they were quarreling onboard.... n d real reason was.... he had a scandal!!! @_@!!!! haaaaa~~~~*lame* hehehe sowi ppl~...

n this!! jian liang cari gaduh with irnnie n chee!!! apalaaaar~~~ teruknya dia!! no gentleman~~~ -_-

nevertheless we all enjoyed d trip back specially at d back la... camwhoring like crazy~~ as in... errm we love to take pics!! with some exceptions tho...^_^

i love this pic in a way... hehhee irnnie was like so... expressive??? hehhee chee lovely~

pair shots!!! *loves*

ok... reached brunei!!! n bus was there awaiting us... n balik hostel!!! reached arnd 6 something... sighhh a tiring day... skipped resco meeting n suppose tostudy.... but somehow... i ended up in editing pics..-_- *teruks* hahaha baaaa tats all for now....~~~ n thanx for d wifi service in en lab la, chancellor hall n at home.... tat im able to update this looooong-winded ..update!!! =) enjoy!!!! X-D!!!

btw this is the slb stuffs i got ... hmmm randomly post it too~~ hehee

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