Wednesday, February 6, 2008

resco-sekapur sirih

last sunday, an event took place in berakas beach.... its resco's sekapur sirih~ an informal appreciation day for d former resco 06/07....
sighh.... after lookin at d beach.... its worth it to wake up soooo early..... at arnd 5 something to 6 eh....sooo tiring lor..~~

d view made me feel so alive~~ -_-~~ d breeze~~ nyamaaan~~

terus first pic with them! hahaha

n agn... spot another unhappy couple~~ they both go their own separate way liaw~

alone.. walking along d flow of time~ -_- ngeeeh.... apa me this!! hehehe jeremy was walking alone along d beach just for fun i think??? he even made a sand castle alone there.. all of us were like on top looking at him.... wondering what he was doing~

d boys!

uh-oh~ they r like sooo enjoying ehh~~ its sunny but they still can tahan!!! gilaaaaakz!!X-D

uwaaaaa~ mat noor!! ur d only guy eh... lucky u! ^_^

eh analisa! arent u logistik?? huahuahuaaa part time photographer oso eh??

oh! hiding behind d fake tree trunk~ -_-

UWAAAA THANX to them tat we had nyaman bbq-ued food to eat~~ hehehe

eseeeh smart eh they all... n yeaa thanx syaza for d transport~~

d former pengerusi... so charismatic looking ehh~~ ^_^

grp pic!!! sigh so nice to see a big crowd!

my group~ we were all divided into grps... cuz got games to play wa... but somehow there were no winner o loser...asalkan we all had fun =) n i did... i really did! look how tanned my face is now!! X-P!


sigh.. though im part of fotografi but i deserve to take some pics of myself!! heheehe

time to go to d beach n play!!!

auzi!!! me caught u!! with my cam lens!!! lol~~

playing d first game... blindfold everyone!! n wat u get is.... very... chaotic!!! X-D

crazy ppl~~~

our grp!! we r d 'kucing'~ miaaaaaw!! -_-"" huhuh

sol came!! he was suppose to resign from resco but he was there!!! yaaaay!! hahahaha ksian him... he cudn resign liaw... no choice then~ nywayz he was there for awhile saja.... syg~

busy ppl filling d balloons with water... yumi~~ such a hardworker!!nice!!!

errr no idea but ak. took all d blinfolded kain n tie himself with it.... it was.... 'disturbing' hahhaa... n i kept telling him to tie higher!! so tat he can emphasize.... *ahem* =P~ but it kept sliding down... aaww~ hehhee

playing swings time!! n omigosh!!! both ak. n najib got chemistry!!! look at how they look at each other?? as if they r meant for each other~~ @_@... oooohh.. see when i rajin go photoshop d pic n giv to u as a valentine's gift.. wahahahaha

goshhh!! look at them!! seriously they hav a secret together-gether.... ak. told me not to tell anyone n najib is so like 'omigosh u know???' punya face..hahhaa n here i am exposing ur lil secret~~ ^_^

time to test d chemistry between me n najib... hehe in dis pic...mcam we all... er... bout to get married?? n analisa n ak. our helpers o sumthin... hehhee

eseehh wat we trying to show?? lol~

ok... we tried! n still... not much chemistry compared to ak. n najib... nvmla... let them both sajaa~~ =)

n time agn for beach time!

here i am!!!!

errrrm.... no... i duwan to b there with them....-_- haha~~ duno y they post tat way ehh~

but they do know how to pose n jump! =)

najib! r u finding for tat particular 'someone'?? =D

cute pic!!!! hahaha~~ yati n kuji~~

d beach boys!!! they were running towards us... hehe ksian them... they were doing something up there... i tink jaga-ing our belongings eh... but since got futsal game.... they just hafta come down!

=) looots of ppl came to d beach too!! n nice to see them having fun!!

nice~ they were in line....~ haha watching d game...~

ok... we looked weird.. extreme weirdness!! haahha ak. with his... erm.... flexible hair?? n me n my errr.... tail??? hahaha

jump ppl!! err analisa.... look at d lens laaa... where u facing aarrh??

wheeeeeeeeee jump agn!!! love it!!! specially when can jump with lots of ppl~

waseeh mat noor!! sooooo 'pretty' pose u got there!! hahaha.... i was taking pics... when he was running to join in d gang.... n a lucky shot of him being so... 'jolly'!

more pics on d beach... i think we paid more attention to takin pics than to witness d games...hehehe

baywatch style!!! except...they r males~~ hehehehe syok liat they ppl running~ haaaarharharr~

eseeeeeh.... we looked like ganas sumo fighters~ @_@

eseeeh lawa pic~~ for me la~ hahaaha ksian cant se ak., analisa, lucy~

grp pic agn n agn!!!! everybody loves d camera!! no one shy shy ehh~~~ haahahaha no camera shy~

my turn to join!!! =)

lets jump beramai ramaaaaaai!!! but syg still got some tak sempat jump~~

aha!! ak!! ur soooo 'interested' eh?? lol!!! purposely took d pic like tat... hehehe just for u!!!! =P

have u seen anyone running along d beach holding an umbrella??? @_@ naah they were playin water balloons.... trowing at each other.... me?? i had one initially..... but... when i throw... it fell into d water n it didn burst n someone stole it away from me...~~~ ='( nooo fun~~~~~ -_-

wah lalalalalalaa~~ all of us.... 'wet look' yo~~~ =D

owwwwh~~~ me n analisa holding a love letter frm analisa to me!!!! hehehe yesterday was great lagitu! wat to do... we slept together d nyt b4 d going to d beach.... sharing d same bed...=) hehehhee dont think weirdly u ppl~

=) relax n unwind after a looong day~~

still..... time for cam agn~~~ n owh ak..... nice hair.... lol!

analisa n me lovey dovey~~~

n everybody's a glutton.... bbq agn n eat eat eat!


with yumi, syaza n omar!!!

d princess with her errrm... monkeys!! X-D~~ *sowi*

aaaaah one last pic of them b4 me balik hostel.... went back arnd 5 something..... n my face was really red!!!! n now im tanned.... hmmmm healthy colour??? =) nywayz i enjoyed it looooooots!!! hehehee

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