Friday, February 15, 2008

satisfied =)

this was on sunday... 4th day of cny..

went pai nien with family... this house loves duck so much tat they have ducks along d stairs~ @_@ btw d food was good...yuum~

went to teraban agn... but was too early for their open house hahhaa.. wat to do.. they email me say whole day wa.. but didn state wat time start... -_-

went to felicia place pai nien~ parents were talkin to her mama whereas me sis n felicia gambled... played blackjack... i sucked.... =( hahaha no luck ehh~

ahhh cute girl!! my sis's fren's anak~~ ksian my sis... shekept callin my sis 'yi yi' meanin auntie... haha my sis was like... nooo call me 'jie jie... im not tat old!' n she still call.. 'yi yi'~~ X-D

my sis's frens... then followed my sis go ppl plcase pai nien n see them gamble n balik n sleep~

on mon mornin!! specially ask my mama to prepare some 'nian gao' meanin sticky kuih... made of brown sugar, grain n somethin else... definitely halal... hehe... mama prepared it n gave 2 mini mandarin oranges with ang pau... 'lai si lai si' for me going back to campus for d first time in dis new year~~

owwh nyuk shan didn come to campus tat day n jian liang seemed sooo down~~ =(

nyaman! this is not bad... its at red bistro.... kuew tiaw basah~

on tuesday! mib time agn...

lc presentation on d movable desk n chair thingy~

haaa! sylvester looked so cute here! duno wat he n wei wei laughin at...

during d muzakarah~ hafiz! where u looking at arr? n teck siong~ u looking at me? =D ah wells... sol, alif n mas time to gettin nervous... mib presentation nxt week n i haven prepare much~

in chancellor hall.. this part of d hall seems sooo empty.. seemed so lonely... =( well... as usual use ur imagination to think wat this pic represent saja...

tired~ restin at d comfy sofa~ wanted to lie down n sleep... but dont dare... hehe

night time... time for sushi!!! shoot... im bloggin bout this when im really hungry.. waddahec... -_- but oooh sushi!! scallop!!(yuuuums) n raw thingies!! hahaha

nyaman berabis all.... since it was new year.... went to meet up with my uncle la..when suddenly say go makan sushi....

my uncle n me!

abis!!! yaaay~~ we were sooo satisfied! hehe we 3 ppl... n d bill was arnd 70 plus plus... eseeeh duno wat we ate ah... but wat shocked me was my sis n uncle once ate 60 plus plus for just two ppl.... wahliuuu ate like no tomorrow~ ^_^

went to book cake for makcikbakeshop then jln jln at seri q-lap(boring) then balik la... -say hi to my sis- =)

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