Saturday, February 16, 2008

happy V day 08!!

after wei wei's place.... hanged out in mas's crib til when its almost midnyt..... time to celebrate!!!!
d valentines cake!! from makcikbakeshop.... ~ hahaha d fonts tak berapa cantik but d meaning ah... lol! after i wrote dat on d ppr to book d cake..... d lady was stunned a lil la when readin tat.. =D btw its choc moist...~

preparing to poke d cake..~~ i mean to place d candles~

grp pic first~

ok lets light up the candles!

uwaaaaa!!! daaark!! shoot.... after i look at this....i shud hav use d other mode... i forgot~~~ -_-

shan's glowing~ she lawa whereas us...-_- errr~

after moments of sasakin takin pics w/o light.. we decided to on d lights agn...

monkeys~~~ =D no no... chimpanzees!!! X-D!!!!

yay~ we four~ initially we wanted to celebrate with 4 of us... but somehow invited yee jan, wei kee, sendy! hehhe not bad wa!! very merry~~ ^_^

us cuttin d cake!!

oooops... cut wrongly ehh!!! we cancelled 'be great' out!

some satisfied n unsatisfied faces~ =)

mas definitely suka!but seriously not bad la.. not tat sweet... just tat it was overly cold~ (in d centre) cuz no other space in d fridge.... so yea.... but the next day we ate d cake by puttin it int d microwave! melt a lil n nyaman berabis! wawawaa!!

n agn.... playin cards agn.... this time shan mastered it well!! n look at chee! giving d cunning look~ hehe btw dats siew chee at d far left~ well spend time til arnd 1 to 2...then sleep!! aaaaah~~nice v day!!

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