Saturday, February 16, 2008

cny in wei wei's place

not long after comin back from kw's place... we went to wei wei's place.... of all ppl... ksian irnnie! she had to send us back hostel from kw place n went for training then after bathing she came n picked us up from hostel to wei wei's place.... =) thanx irnnie~
first thing bout her place.... she has dogs!!! scary eh d way they ganas... hehee... n well... quite a number of us there.... its d crowd...just nice laa =)

uwaa~ 'you ai mei de gan jue' hehehheee~~

host n her guests~

enjoying d kuih-muih~ tapak kuda first to abis!! then her other hand baked kuih.... nyamaaan~ but i dun really favour her mata kuching~ @_@

look at sylvester!!! he's taking off his wig! @_@

me n wei sen... no no no... its..... no no agn... its 'v'ince!! =D

makin ourselves at home....agn.... hahaha irnnie was just placing her feet on it when i asked her to use it... she then turned it on... n me chee shan placed our feet there too! nyaman~ hehe

comfy comfy~

ok its gambling time!!! syok to see them play!! me no play cuz.... me scare scare.... d dealer seemed very d 'ong' when suddenly d fact...he is! lucky me~~

witnessing them~ with my maidens~ lol!

eseeh wei wei~~ ^_^ thanx to u n ur family agn for d food n sevices! =)

since lama no play lami.... decided to play with them! both irnnie n wei kee were new in this.... n they know how to play liaw~ =D

yee jan's tiles!!! she jim!!(duno how to spell) she freakin win w/o placin any tiles out.....! syok!!! luckily we weren gambling... otherwise.... -_- u know i know la...

uwaaa tek ting.... cari pasal with me!! =P eh no no im not snatchin chuan ching from u~ =P ohhh btw good luck to u chuan ching!! hope ull b well in monash~


d two lovely girls~

when we were abt to leave... there was this commotion.... when irnnie n shan tried to open the gate with d key.... d key broke into two!!! both panicked! in their mind was like... goshhh r we gona stay here tonyt?? we cant balik!!! (when later on...we realised tat every house sure hav a back door! so no worries on gettin trapped!! =)) n erm wei wei n her family were all so calm... n somehow d gate can b open la n we got to balik safe n sound...=)

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