Sunday, April 27, 2008

2nd sem exams!!!!

ahhh.... i think.. i need to stop myself from updating.... for 2 weeks time...k??? 2 weeks time!!!!!! it's exam time!!!!! 2mrw will be the startin of the revision week.... soo i really really need to get myself worked out!!!!! like for real babeeeeey!! ahhhhh~~ otherwise im soo gona diee an awful death~ @_@ gaaaaaah!!! nyhoots... everybody!!!! best of lucks for ur exams!!!!!!!!!!!

btw... my timetable for the exams!
5th May- AB 1503 (MIB)
7th May- EN 1203 (Electronics)
8th May- MA 1102 (Maths)
10th May- LC 1518 (English)
12th May- PH 1106 (Physics)
and all starts at 9.00am~ ahhhh~ physics is really challenging... im not sure anymore~ -_- ah wells.... i guess...i jus my best!

*wish me best of luuuuuuuucks ppl!!!! X-D*

lots lurve -LcK-

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