Friday, April 4, 2008

sick for d whole week~ but still fun!

on sat~ did en agn~ n our potato cutting machine begins to take shape~ n darn those programmin~ i mean d servomechanism~ i still dun get them~ a lil sasat~ ah wells~ kept asking for dr frank's help~ n yesh he helped us doin most of our PCM parts due to lack of time... its gettin closer to our grand finale~ n tech report not done... patent not done... programmin not done.. presenter not chosen yet... PCM parts not done hmmm~

ahh our experimental blade~ abandon there hehee mayb d width is not wide enuf~ tats y... act as standby knife sja~

gosh! u realise how red they both are?? i didn know saiful will blush the same way like dr frank~ his grp mates were sayin him being their sister o sumthin.. n i notice his face color changing... then i asked saiful!! r u blushing??? then everybody noticed n laugh along~ n dr frank blushed too! haha duno y~ then after class... went back with shan... n spent my weekend at home online puas puas~ n as ubd assignments done~ @_@

on monday!! the darn complicated wiring~ not tat its difficult to do... but lookin at those wires really tires u out~ n i cudn get mine workin til i gave up!! n irn my partner did it... n there ! it worked!! i was like... aargh! fine! im not worthy to b in this class!! -_- sasats laaa~

see those.... ?? lke fukai no mori~ @_@ ah wells... not really la...~ hehehe n ugh.. d reports... i haven do~ cuz i duno how to start~~~ ahhh! nid to do soon otherwise...i'l stress myself out eh~~ =(

a bday gift~ to applied physics top 3 student!(in a sarcastic way) ah wells... there's only '3' students in applied physics wa... so top3 loor~ hehe...~ n jian liang's 'bright idea' of giving him a knife... with IC 7483 stickin onto it~ n used wires to wrap it up...n batteries as 'stand'...dunola.... innovation konon~ n bday boy was blur... he tot the thing we gave him need to use batteries~ haha~ suspense~

after finding for rafee's room... we went to relax fass area~ n tadaah! auzi has been hiding this transformer sticker there~ apparently.. he sticked it there n cudn get it out... thus he had to cover it~ hehee~ ksian him eh~

hmmm..still wondering who designed ubd?? hehe some ppl complained of its...unique infrastructure~ as in those extra pillars n some..(accordin to someone) when u try to see outside the window... n u'll see a wall~ @_@ ok...hearin it frm me..its not funny at all.... but when he said it.. it made us wonderin n found it amusing~ hehe ah wells. still not bad la d design for me actually~ makes u look arnd n wonder~ =D

wei wei n irn discussed bout mib presentation... n albert n auzi?? dota~~~ looked albert play..~ haaa~ i find it... complicated~ nvm..i still prefer to b an observer~

on tues! mib lecture was quite nice~ d lady kept jokin arnd n not bad la~ enjoyed it... n mib muzakarah? it was not bad la~ jus tat we didn get to ask questions~ cuz rafee was explainin n explainin~ ah wells~ he love to make us think~ haha~ not bad la~

uwaaa mas~ seemed soo... serous?? hehe nadawa...main main ja~

waiting for maths class! we all semangat to go~ cuz its hasnah!! yaay~ hehehe

auzi n sol??? hanging outside eh~ ahem ahem~ =D n sol.. with his new specs!!!

supose to take a random pic of the pillar o sumthin...when suddenly... i included a couple~ haa~

jian liang with his usual....cute-ness! wahaha d second pic ah.. his hand n his shirt punya hand~ hehe macam sama~

cute shirt~ hehehe sowi to those who cant read some of d wordings hehe~

n ta-daaa!! its albert's baju!! hahaa he has some of the cutest bajus~ got one is mr messy~ n happy ka? i cudn remember~ hehe

eeeps! sowi ming hui~ take stolen shot of u~ hehehe n nadia n yumi~ relaxing n online~~

on wednesday~ b4 going to campus~ saw the sky~ sooo amazingly captured my heart~~ wahaha wat english me tokin~

actually it looked like a dragon openin its mouth wide open n devour on everythin it has contact with... second.. its like... emitting... odour~~wahhaha nadawaa~~ @_@

then went for supposedly workshop~ then... dr frank had to go for meeting~ so we all moved to project room to do programmin.. but i lari to join bjfa meeting for awhile... then balik to fos.... n irn auzi sol liang were sasak-ing doing d programmin whereas basil n sylvester~ were doin their chem thingies~ gosh~ looked cmplicated eh~ they used two servos connected to a laptop~ then... servos, pumps, pressure sumthing.... uwaaa~~ i duno how to say~ hehee

hehe so concentrating~ n i werent helpin much in d programmin~ cuz i was totally blur lost n blaaa~ hehehe... then arnd 5...balik to bjfa meetin room n check mr koh's stash of collections~ hahaha we saw sumthin~~ i mean me, wei sen, ai len~ ehehhee ah wells.. spent time til 6 sumthin then me, wei sen, yee jan, siaw yen, wei kee went for dinner~ we ate vegetarian food~ basically we can eat as much as we can n pay as u like... of course be considerate bout d payin part la..~ hehe we gave 3 bucks each then wei kee 4...then wei sen 5...~ not bad la ~ got freshly made drinks like barley n soya bean~ then got soup~ ehhe then had to rush back for resco meeting~ tok bout this n tat n tat n this.. n got our other resco uniform!!! yaaaay!

there it is!!! 13bucks!! but i was like.. haa? red colour...agn? hehee for me la... cuz bjfa's baju was red liaw~ then another red shirt~ but still... not bad la... me suka~~ hehe

its my name!!! naah..its my family name~ but tat's how ppl address me waa.... o LcK~ hehe but not many know to call me LcK wa~ soooo yeaa~=)

on thursday!! ph1104 practicals!! d mornin was funny laa~ this time... at 8oclock... dr lai really did lock one of d doors... n d other cudn cuz hafta use key to close it... so he jaga there la... n irn came! he was like... password pls! n he close d door back.... then irnnie knocked...n asked can i come in...? he agn close d door~ haaaa! he jahat~ hehe then at last d password was...sowi im late~ then more ppl came.... n this time he asked them shout to us sayin tat they were late~ hehe then d pregnant cat came in!! haha dr lai was like. no u cant come in!! in d end he terpaksa hafta carry d cat out~ hehe cute ehh~ then we start doing outdoor thingies la.... he kept we r waiting for a bus to come.. bus 11! LOL! when he said tat... i knew wat he meant..~ then most of them blur~ hahaha i didn know tat they didn know~ only chinese know this 'slang'~ then auzi was like..apakan?? n i was like..u duno??? bus 11!! 2sticks kan....meanin ur gona walk~ hehe

our outdoor activity~ using convex lengths to see the focal length~ n we sat on d ground... n those ppl who pass by us... who lookin at us...smiling~ wahahhaa we looked like idiots~~but nvm..janji we had fun~ =P

aaaaah~~ we all sakai lookin at d image~ mcam projector~ jus tat d image is inverted~

thinkin wat this person is doing??? liang!!! with his idea!!! to create fire!!! haaa~ burnin leaves~ n norazimah was lookin at him... sayin we crazy engineers doing stu stuffs~ whahaha~

there really were fire~~n smoke!!! haaaa~~

caught on pic! hehehe its actually addictive? i duno la... cuz i didn hold d lens...only ruler n cam~

ahhhh otw exploring arnd fos~ d cat was there!!! n it was playin with us~ so yea... chee looked like she was grabbin d cat!!! haha nadawa... she was holding the lens to magnify d cat's eyes~

d cat really soo erm manja~~~~~ it was really really playin with us~~~ hahaha (n we are not abusing it laaaa~)

comin towards me~~ meaaaaow??

ok...indoor activities~ using this optical board n lens holder to make it into a temp telescope o sumthin~ ahh sasat as usual~hehe

can u see jian liang's hand?? n liang has turned slim!!! =D

haha wat were they doing?? haha mcam hiding from sumthin~ hehe... aah we were experimenting with d right angle prism waa~

this lens is totally cool~~~ we all amazed by it!! dr lai was holding it to his eyes... n he said... wat did u see?? we-> ur eyes..inverted! then he said move ur finger in front of u~ n to our amazement~ its our own individual eyes n finger tat we r seeing~ amazing thing~ i forgot wats d name for it~ hehee

a binocular tat kena dissected~ exposing d things inside~ hehe ah wells... nuthin much la... then went to physics n maths... n i didn go home....cuz no transport~ so yea.... well update til here sja~ =D

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